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Episode 28 - Send Me RKO Penis

Recorded: 12 February 2015


The team is back for 2015 with even more infighting that before. A lot has happened over the holiday break and we try valiantly to cover it all, including:

- What we did on our holidays

- Gambino gets fired up about online/fan lists

- Who won big in the Royal Rumble pools

- Gambino's love for Paige

- We evaluate Seth Rollins' Penis

- Matt Silva/Buddy Murphy wins NXT gold and then steals our name

- Gambino issues a challenge to an Australian wrestling legend

- A surprising #1 contender for the PWA title

- The leadership spill (Cue bitching about politics)

- People white knighting female wrestlers on Instagram

- Proper stink face etiquette

- We attempt to recap Splashdown

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