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EPISODE 27 - The Second Annual BAMMY Awards
Recorded: 22 December 2014

As the title would suggest, the time has come for the Second Annual BAMMY Awards! Bass, Adam and Mikey have pulled out all the stops here (mainly adding BJ back to the team), and awards are given out in several highly regarded categories, including:

- The Bitch Fight of the Year Award

- The Scene Abroad Award

- The Award for the Worst Award Award

- The Fresh Meat Award

- The Golden Wank Sock, Shirt & Towel Award

- The Podcast of the Year Award

- The Japan Japan Status Update of the Year Award

- The Shut Your C*** Award

There are other points of discussion too, including:

- The origins of BAM

- CM Punk going to UFC

- The Undertaker's new look

PLUS! An exclusive look into the annual WAO Splashdown event from Lakes Entrance, which runs way too long and will amuse nobody.

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After a long break between recordings (And another long break before editing (We've all got things going on.. YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!!!)) we have returned for the penultimate show of 2014 where we rush to get through everything (Because Gambino has double booked himself) including:

- The CM Punk interview

- New Japan gets a network

- Gambino accidental sends someone a dick pic

- Bass attends the PCW anniversary dinner

- Whatever happened to Raymond

- Emma gets an action figure and why everyone hopes its is atomically (Not a spelling error) correct

-Silva and Rollins celebrate over a year abroad

- The guest Raw GM's are horrible

- All the Splashdown rumors ahead of the official announcements next show

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