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EPISODE 21 - A Mountain Of Shit
Recorded: 16 March 2014

The crew are all bent out of shape this week, and have a lot to yell at each other about, including:

- Mamak's change in policy (which apparently includes undercooking the chicken)

- Trying out different ice creams before the show

- The current card for Wrestlemania 30

- Thoughts on the WWE Network thus far

- A low-rating channel 31 show taking shots at Mr Juicy

- Internet wrestling fans carrying on like jerks

- Speculation on Tommy Dreamer wrestling no-dq matches

- Whether or not the missing Malaysian Airlines plane was hijacked

- The cost of petrol and other Government conspiracies

The team also bring you 'Scene Abroad', 'What Sucks in Wrestling', and much much more (including Gambino getting upset over the Abbott Government). Enjoy!

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