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EPISODE 18 - The First Annual BAMMY Awards
Recorded: 23 December 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey return with the final BAM episode of 2013, featuring the first ever BAMMY Awards. There are more categories than needed, including:

- The Japan (Japan) Status Update of the Year Award

- The Gambino Award for Best Mention of Adam Gambino

- The Scene Return of the Year Award

- The Scene Abroad Award

- The BAMMY Award for the Worst Award Award

- The Fresh Meat Award

- The Biggest Hypocrite of the Year Award

- The Golden Wank T-Shirt/Sock Award

- The Trends That Must Stop In 2014 Award

- The Podcast of the Year Award

- The Best Pre-Show Food Award

- The Award for Best Bass Story

The team also discuss other things from the world of professional wrestling, featuring such topics as:

- Gambino needing to shit before and during matches

- Batista returning to WWE, and the desire to see Goldberg replace Ryback

- Has a wrestler of colour ever won the Royal Rumble?

- Would you blow Vince McMahon if it meant you'd get a WWE contract?

- Predictions for 2014, both in WWE and locally

- Scenesters Abroad, featuring Matt Silva, and speculation Mike Petersen may soon join him

- Wrestler & match of the year (as seen by each member of the panel)

The team also share bungled medical experiences, wild conspiracy theories, and provide the usual trimmings, such as What Sucks in Wrestling and Gam.0, before finishing off with a special Holiday message for all our loyal (and minimal) listeners.

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