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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

EPISODE 17 - This is his Nutberg
Recorded: 20 October, 28 October & 17 November 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back with another installment of the BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast, where we basically just intro a bunch of pre-recorded interviews that we've had sitting in the vault:

- We conclude our interview with Adam Pearce, where we go through 'Word Association', discuss the role of referees in pro wrestling, and listen to a great tale of the time Adam had a match with someone who "worked a little snug."

Following that, we then hit the road, and venture to the Armageddon Expo, and interview a variety of people:

- Queensland based wrestler Mark Davis talks about his big penis, powerbombing Adam Brooks and his five year plan.

- Kelly 'Nikita Naridian' Salter tells us a story involving Teddy Hart's cats, the state of womens wrestling in Australia, and boob jobs.

- Max Comic and Bee Boy argue over a pillow.

- Blake 'Mr Big' Johnston discusses the fallout from the St Kilda Mad Monday incident, and standing out from his peers.

All that and not a whole lot more, in episode 17 of the BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast!

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