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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 12

EPISODE 12 - A Bunch Of Buddies
Recorded: 2 September 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back (along with Jonesy) sans guests, with all the latest happenings in the professional wrestling world (actually slightly out dated, as we recorded a mere 90 minutes before the Mr Big fire incident broke), including topics of discussion such as:

- Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H & co

- Attention to detail within WWE

- Something about WWE Divas and a good match that happened on NXT

- Matt Silva getting repackaged as Buddy Murphy, and his online castration in recent weeks

- Australian wrestlers featuring in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

- Whats happened to the Dragonfly?

- Is there a way to watch Shane Haste vs KENTA in Australia

- Should Darren Young get so much publicity for coming out of the closet?

Plus we discuss "What Sucks In Wrestling" which somehow segue's into some election discussion which goes on far too long, we feature the highly anticipated return of Gam.0, and Raymond hassles another customer complaint desk about a TV show he's been watching.

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