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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 10

EPISODE 10 - Daaaaamn, Sexton!
Recorded: 25 July 2013

Bass & Mikey head the regular panel, with Elliot Sexton filling in whilst Adam Gambino is on long service leave. In this episode, we tolerate the shitty audio quality of Sexton's microphone, and the team cover such topics as:

- WWE paying out shit odds on Sportsbet, and whether or not someone is providing insider info

- Thoughts on WWE Money In The Bank

- Will Cody Rhodes & Goldust ever face each other?

- The awesomeness that is The Great Khali

- TMDK win tag team gold in Japan

All the way from Explosive Pro Wrestling in Perth, TMDK member Marcus Pitt also joins the panel throughout the episode, before the team grill him about his career and his home state, including:

- How he got the nickname 'Muffins'

- Comparing Australian wrestling with Australian mixed martial arts

- Training with Booker T in Houston, Texas

- Discovering EPW and being a part of the 2007 NWA Tour of Australia

- One million dollars, or a night with Trish Stratus?

- Will he follow in his teammates footsteps and head to Japan sometime?

We also play a lovely game of word association, in which nothing is sacred, and cover "What Sucks In Wrestling" following that.

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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 9

EPISODE 9 - Continue Not To Mess With The Rohan
Recorded: 16 June 2013 & 27 June 2013.

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back, along with BJ and PJ, as we continue our two part interview with Rohan Herbstreit. This is an eye opening discussion, which covers a stack of local and international wrestling topics and stories, including:

- Who is the best wrestler in the country?

- What happened with the Hulkamania tour, and why didnt it air on One HD?

- The failed resurgence of Aussie wrestling on Channel 9, known as High Risk Championship Wrestling

- Mario Milano falling asleep doing commentary

- Deciding to run WrestleClash

- The origins of 'The Herby Template'

- Booking shows and sending people home happy

- The rapid rise of UFC in Australia, and how much further do they need to go?

- How soon will it be before cage fighting is permitted in Victoria?

- Will the WWE ever die?

- Being featured on Urban Dictionary

- Plus plenty of Word Association!

We also stick our greasy little mitts into all the regular segments, including Raymond, What Sucks In Wrestling, and Gam.O

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