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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 7

EPISODE 7 - The Ryan Rollins Experience
Recorded: 22 May 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back, replacing PJ with BJ, and featuring a special interview with (the soon to be departing for Mexico) Australian wrestling Ryan Rollins, including chats about:

- What made him decide he wanted to break his neck for a living

- Beginning with PCW, and being disliked by other roster members

- His mothers support for his chosen career path

- Roadtrips to South Australia

- The life & times of Nutberg

- Money falling out of his tights during matches

- Working overseas talent in front of seven fans

- Living with Teddy Hart and thirty cats

- His match against Jim Neidhart and not getting paid for it

- "Borrowing" other peoples ring gear and making it his own

- Tall poppy syndrome in the scene

- Changing his style and working in Mexico

- The Snapchat phenomenon

Following word association, we get into all the regular segments, including Raymond, What Sucks In Wrestling, and Gam.O

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