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The BAM! Wrestling Podcast: Episode 5

Episode 5: Integrity, Intensity, Brooksy
Recorded: 2 May 2013

Once again, Bass, Adam & Mikey are back with another fun filled episode of the BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast. This week, the team interview one of the top prospects in Australian Wrestling, Adam Brooks, including topics such as:

- His introduction to wrestling

- Idols in professional wrestling

- Beginning his journey in Australian wrestling

- Matt Silva's influence

- Goals for the future

- His recent Ring of Honor tryout

- The culture shock of travelling to the States

Plus a lengthy word association segment featuring a litany of names from around the world. Beyond that, the show features all the usual content, including such topics as:

- Martha Hart settling her lawsuit against WWE

- Mike Petersen bringing legitimacy to Australian wrestling

- Gambino compares himself to Shawn Michaels

- The fallout from Davis Storm vs Low Ki

- Respect for other promotions

Plus "What Sucks In Wrestling," Raymond the ethnic, and much more!

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