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Episode 3: The Road To Wrestlemania

More painful than a botched bronco buster, we have our third episode online, featuring Bass, Adam Gambino & Mikey Jay, with special comments from Paul Jones and minor interruptions from FatCamp, as we continue to cover all the wrestling news from Australia and abroad.

This Week:

- The gang make a long winded series of predictions for Wrestlemania.

- Adam & Mikey argue some more, mainly over Money in the Bank.

- WrestleCon or the Hall of Fame?

- Bass & Adam share their favourite Mania experiences.

- Adam has a meltdown over fans singing Happy Birthday to Randy Orton.

- Wrestlemania Party Do's and Dont's.

- Choke holds on celebrities being banned.

- Mr Juicy and his legal woes.

- Are Australian Wrestling's exports the best in recent memory?

- Matt Silva's signing with WWE.

- Kevin Steen, Low Ki & Homicide are coming to Perth.

- Son Michael Moody is unimpressed with the way Paul Bearer has been used in storylines.

- In a special interview, Mikey interviews TNA British Boot Camp winner Rockstar Spud about how his journey to Impact Wrestling, how he got noticed, his transformation into Rockstar Spud, his goals within TNA, and what it takes for a smaller independent wrestler to get noticed.

Plus all the usual trimmings, such as "What Sucks In Wrestling", Raymond and much more!

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