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EPISODE 18 - The First Annual BAMMY Awards
Recorded: 23 December 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey return with the final BAM episode of 2013, featuring the first ever BAMMY Awards. There are more categories than needed, including:

- The Japan (Japan) Status Update of the Year Award

- The Gambino Award for Best Mention of Adam Gambino

- The Scene Return of the Year Award

- The Scene Abroad Award

- The BAMMY Award for the Worst Award Award

- The Fresh Meat Award

- The Biggest Hypocrite of the Year Award

- The Golden Wank T-Shirt/Sock Award

- The Trends That Must Stop In 2014 Award

- The Podcast of the Year Award

- The Best Pre-Show Food Award

- The Award for Best Bass Story

The team also discuss other things from the world of professional wrestling, featuring such topics as:

- Gambino needing to shit before and during matches

- Batista returning to WWE, and the desire to see Goldberg replace Ryback

- Has a wrestler of colour ever won the Royal Rumble?

- Would you blow Vince McMahon if it meant you'd get a WWE contract?

- Predictions for 2014, both in WWE and locally

- Scenesters Abroad, featuring Matt Silva, and speculation Mike Petersen may soon join him

- Wrestler & match of the year (as seen by each member of the panel)

The team also share bungled medical experiences, wild conspiracy theories, and provide the usual trimmings, such as What Sucks in Wrestling and Gam.0, before finishing off with a special Holiday message for all our loyal (and minimal) listeners.

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EPISODE 17 - This is his Nutberg
Recorded: 20 October, 28 October & 17 November 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back with another installment of the BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast, where we basically just intro a bunch of pre-recorded interviews that we've had sitting in the vault:

- We conclude our interview with Adam Pearce, where we go through 'Word Association', discuss the role of referees in pro wrestling, and listen to a great tale of the time Adam had a match with someone who "worked a little snug."

Following that, we then hit the road, and venture to the Armageddon Expo, and interview a variety of people:

- Queensland based wrestler Mark Davis talks about his big penis, powerbombing Adam Brooks and his five year plan.

- Kelly 'Nikita Naridian' Salter tells us a story involving Teddy Hart's cats, the state of womens wrestling in Australia, and boob jobs.

- Max Comic and Bee Boy argue over a pillow.

- Blake 'Mr Big' Johnston discusses the fallout from the St Kilda Mad Monday incident, and standing out from his peers.

All that and not a whole lot more, in episode 17 of the BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast!

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EPISODE 16 - As Yet Untitled
Recorded: 17 November 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey make their way back to the podcasting world, and are joined by PJ and Elliot Sexton, to discuss the latest Australian and international wrestling happenings. Expect to hear things discussed, such as:

- Jonesy's cameltoe

- Michael Hayes getting suspended by WWE

- Is TNA up for grabs?

- Andy Kaufman and his family still working everyone three decades on

- Which Australian womens wrestler is Adam having rude dreams about?

- Wrestlemania 30 fantasy cards

- The gang heading to Adelaide for some shows over there

- Storm is (allegedly) stealing Gambino's spots in matches

- Scene Abroad, featuring Mike Petersen & Ryan Rollins

We also go to our regular segments: What Sucks In Wrestling, Gam.0 and the return of Raymond, before the show completely disintegrates and wraps up early.

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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 15

EPISODE 15 - We interviewed Adam Pearce, but the audio sucked
Recorded: 28 October 2013

Adam Gambino & Mikey Jay sit down for a lengthy interview with former NWA Champion Adam Pearce (with an audience consisting of BJ, Benny English, Lord Mark Willamson & Chris Vice), and discuss such topics as:

- Making a full time living from professional wrestling

- Which country would he still like to wrestle in?

- Ring of Honor's involvement with the movie 'The Wrestler'

- Turning down a developmental contract with WCW

- The etiquette of washing your gear, using deoderant, and not smelling like helmet feta

- Dealing with "scene tards"

- Simple tips for getting booked in the wrestling business

- Working with Ric Flair in ROH

- Analingus, and kissing after blowjobs

- Taking bookings over Facebook

- Austin Aries mentioning throat yoghurt in a promo

- ROH leading the way producing television

Elsewhere, Gambino compares his arsehole to that of the Honky Tonk Man, and we discuss everything from Ric Flair to wearing championship belts while banging, with a bit of cuckolding discussion thrown in. All this, and a whole lot more in part one of a two part interview with Adam Pearce.

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EPISODE 14 - One Adana, Extra Adana
Recorded: 8 October 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back (along with Jonesy), and in between discussing where to get the best souvlakis and Bass having sexual experiences with women, they also include some discussion on the world of professional wrestling, including:

- WWE put on an average PPV

- BAM going on the road?

- The Australian wrestling Hall of Fame, and who the team would like inducted (and where the actual hall should be)

- Hardcore Holly is coming to Australia in November

- Scenesters Abroad returns, featuring Savannah Summers & Ryan Rollins

- WWE DVDs being used more as good publicity/PR tools?

- People sending Sunny dick pics

Plus "What sucks in wrestling" and Gam.O, before Gino gets upset at being interrupted and the show comes to a grinding halt. All this and much much less in episode 14 of the BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast!

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EPISODE 13 - The Caretakers of the Scene
Recorded: 22 September 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back with BJ & PJ, and an (allegedly) more up beat program, with all the latest happenings in the professional wrestling world, including such items as:

- Sportsbet cancelling WWE betting

- Whether or not any of the team are eligible to date Tammy Sytch

- Buddy Murphy's NXT presentation skills promo

- Tasmania getting its own wrestling promotion

- Mr Big being set on fire during Mad Monday celebrations, and footy players bad behaviour in general

- Aussie wrestling attaching itself to en vogue productions

- Mark Mercedes' retirement

- Adam Pearce is returning downunder

- Should promoters respond to negative comments by fans online?

- The debut of a new segment called "Scenesters Abroad" featuring TMDK, Ryan Rollins & TNT.

Plus "What sucks in wrestling" and the return of Gam.0.

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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 12

EPISODE 12 - A Bunch Of Buddies
Recorded: 2 September 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back (along with Jonesy) sans guests, with all the latest happenings in the professional wrestling world (actually slightly out dated, as we recorded a mere 90 minutes before the Mr Big fire incident broke), including topics of discussion such as:

- Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H & co

- Attention to detail within WWE

- Something about WWE Divas and a good match that happened on NXT

- Matt Silva getting repackaged as Buddy Murphy, and his online castration in recent weeks

- Australian wrestlers featuring in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

- Whats happened to the Dragonfly?

- Is there a way to watch Shane Haste vs KENTA in Australia

- Should Darren Young get so much publicity for coming out of the closet?

Plus we discuss "What Sucks In Wrestling" which somehow segue's into some election discussion which goes on far too long, we feature the highly anticipated return of Gam.0, and Raymond hassles another customer complaint desk about a TV show he's been watching.

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 The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 11

EPISODE 11 - "My goodt friend, The Great Khali"
Recorded: 8 August 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey return to their mediocre ways with all the latest scene news and gossip mongering, about such items like:

- People stealing terms like "Goodt" and "Post Wrestling Depression"

- The recent WWE tour of Australia

- Trish Status: Tucked or untucked?

- Show recaps for PWWA, EPW & PCW, which all took place on August 3

- Shane Haste facing KENTA for the GHC Championship in September

- Hood brawls at the NAW Arena

Plus the team interview TMDK member Elliot Sexton, with a proper working microphone this time, about a variety of topics, including:

- His recent trip to the United States

- The process involved in getting a WWE tryout

- What he feels ultimately held him back from a contract

- Some of the hopefuls who weren't as fortunate

- Stories about the Great Khali

We also go for a round of Word Association, and then cover "What Sucks In Wrestling", "Gam.O" and the return of Raymond.

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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 10

EPISODE 10 - Daaaaamn, Sexton!
Recorded: 25 July 2013

Bass & Mikey head the regular panel, with Elliot Sexton filling in whilst Adam Gambino is on long service leave. In this episode, we tolerate the shitty audio quality of Sexton's microphone, and the team cover such topics as:

- WWE paying out shit odds on Sportsbet, and whether or not someone is providing insider info

- Thoughts on WWE Money In The Bank

- Will Cody Rhodes & Goldust ever face each other?

- The awesomeness that is The Great Khali

- TMDK win tag team gold in Japan

All the way from Explosive Pro Wrestling in Perth, TMDK member Marcus Pitt also joins the panel throughout the episode, before the team grill him about his career and his home state, including:

- How he got the nickname 'Muffins'

- Comparing Australian wrestling with Australian mixed martial arts

- Training with Booker T in Houston, Texas

- Discovering EPW and being a part of the 2007 NWA Tour of Australia

- One million dollars, or a night with Trish Stratus?

- Will he follow in his teammates footsteps and head to Japan sometime?

We also play a lovely game of word association, in which nothing is sacred, and cover "What Sucks In Wrestling" following that.

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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 9

EPISODE 9 - Continue Not To Mess With The Rohan
Recorded: 16 June 2013 & 27 June 2013.

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back, along with BJ and PJ, as we continue our two part interview with Rohan Herbstreit. This is an eye opening discussion, which covers a stack of local and international wrestling topics and stories, including:

- Who is the best wrestler in the country?

- What happened with the Hulkamania tour, and why didnt it air on One HD?

- The failed resurgence of Aussie wrestling on Channel 9, known as High Risk Championship Wrestling

- Mario Milano falling asleep doing commentary

- Deciding to run WrestleClash

- The origins of 'The Herby Template'

- Booking shows and sending people home happy

- The rapid rise of UFC in Australia, and how much further do they need to go?

- How soon will it be before cage fighting is permitted in Victoria?

- Will the WWE ever die?

- Being featured on Urban Dictionary

- Plus plenty of Word Association!

We also stick our greasy little mitts into all the regular segments, including Raymond, What Sucks In Wrestling, and Gam.O

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