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Episode 69: Dying of Shame

While the future of the show is still under a cloud we are still pumping out episodes

This week;

Raw ratings in decline

Lawler's heart attack

Long title reigns

Is Sheamus horrible?



Review of the CM Punk DVD

An in depth look at PCW Carnage from 2002 and a discussion of where everyone on that show is now

Members of the PWWA roster share some scene creep stories

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Bonus Show: Chavo Guerrero Interview

Against our better judgement we have allowed Gambino to interview someone on his very own. DCW is proud to be joined by Chavo Guerrero to discuss the following topics:

Pink shirts

Teaming with Hernandez

Jeremy Borash's tan

Who he wants to work with on the Impact Wrestling roster

Being a nice guy but punching someone when it is required

Guilty pleasures

The TNA knockouts

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