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The Fresh Factor............Online~! Season 3: Episode 4

With some brand new equipment and a whole lot more awkwardness the team returns to polute your iPod for another show.

This week:

More hypotheticals

Fresh explains why nice guys always finish last

Kelly does her book report

Movie news

Reader Questions

Jonesy's voice

Kelly's taste in women

Psychic predictions for 2012

Invisible box problems

Superhero free for all on the streets of LA

More K-Pop

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The Fresh Factor.......Online~! Season 3: Episode 3

And we are back for another festival of fun to stuff into your ear holes:

This week:

Chris Brown and gender politics

2012 vs 1982

Jonesy explains yacth rock

Kelly Facebook stalks Jonesy


Marvel comics news

Avengers vs X Men

Kelly gets given homework

Dogs turn the tables on their owners

Jonesy spoils the last season of Roseanne

Dinner parties for interesting people

The sexualisation of male nipples


Kelly finally says if she would rather sleep with Cloggers or Jonesy

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