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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls
Episode 69: Dying of Shame

While the future of the show is still under a cloud we are still pumping out episodes

This week;

Raw ratings in decline

Lawler's heart attack

Long title reigns

Is Sheamus horrible?



Review of the CM Punk DVD

An in depth look at PCW Carnage from 2002 and a discussion of where everyone on that show is now

Members of the PWWA roster share some scene creep stories

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Bonus Show: Chavo Guerrero Interview

Against our better judgement we have allowed Gambino to interview someone on his very own. DCW is proud to be joined by Chavo Guerrero to discuss the following topics:

Pink shirts

Teaming with Hernandez

Jeremy Borash's tan

Who he wants to work with on the Impact Wrestling roster

Being a nice guy but punching someone when it is required

Guilty pleasures

The TNA knockouts

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It's back to the B-Team for another episode of scene scuttlebutt and blatantly made up stories.

This Week:

The show gets renamed

WWE Summerslam and Australian Tour talk

How local promotions can piggyback off of international tours

Does Raw really need to be 3 hours

Which Australian talent was rumored to have received WWE tryouts

Gambino gets a tryout of a different kind

Ryan Rollins and Kelly-Anne English possibly heading to AAA

Regina Vagina sighting

Lessons learned from the small crowds drawn by the American Psycho tour

Why Colt Cabana is a good choice to book on local shows

Jonesy talks PWA and ponders the logistics of recording an episode of DCW while in Sydney for PWWA

The Paralymics

Gambino considering a full time return to the ring

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Episode 67: Failure to Relaunch

Download it quick before it mysteriously vanishes.

Walker, Demirov and Fresh return from their self imposed exile in order to rank and evaluate the DCW B Team. 

Also this week:

Fresh and Gambino have a dinner date, Fashion for the huskier gent, Mr Juicy, East/West boobs, a retrospective on the Remy Mechanical ring, Niki Nitro training with Team 3D, Jonesy defects to NHB Girls, Mark Williamson becomes a legitimate actor, Strip club updates, Brown anus, why the Fresh Factor has come to an end, Trannies, Fresh gives his thoughts on Warzone, Australian failures at the Olympics and Walker and Demirov cast the Gino Gambino biopic.

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Bonus Show: AJ Styles Interview

A special bonus show as Sebastian Walker and Julian James sit down with AJ Styles to talk his career, working the WWA shows in Australia, how he structures matches, being in Ric Flair's shadow, how Impact Wrestling has improved and evolved, the 3 way match with Samoa Joe and Daniels, his honest opinion on the new breed of X Division wrestlers, Ring of Honour, his in ring future, why he will never go to WWE and TNA's plans to come to Australia.

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The Fresh Factor............................Online~! Season 3: Episode 7

The end of the world is upon us so it's time for 4 people to hover around microphones and talk pop culture.

This Week:

An update on Jonesy's (Lack of) sex life

Kelly makes everyone play a psychological drinking game

Men & women can't really be friends on Facebook

New DC comics video games

The zombie apocalypse is real

Time travel

Slut dresses

Kelly talks the proper use of safe words

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The Fresh Factor...............Online~! Season 3: Episode 6

After a brief mid season hiatus, the team assembles once more to talk pop culture and each others sex lives.

This week:

Local politics and how it pertains to gays and flag burning

The Avengers and how it will compare to The Dark Knight Rises

Fresh's cartoon recommendations

Jonesy's mystique as a ladies man finally gets destroyed

Brave Dave is the worlds most normal man...or is he?

Kelly & Fresh compare spank bank lists

The Voice and how it's affecting the Australian charts

Jonesy unlocks the Kelly news formula

Was Jack the Ripper a woman

Keanu might be immortal

Using bugs to make food coloring

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The Fresh Factor.........................Online~! Season 3: Episode 5

It's Easter! The magical time of year where we all complain about stores not being open and eat a lot of chocolate. Also something to do with Jesus.

This week:

Kelly's circumcision preferences

Angry vagina syndrome

Upcoming super hero movies and the ones that never got made

Michael Bay sodomizes the TMNT franchise

Nude photographs and sex tapes ending up on the internet

Kelly's career as a sitcom writer

Bacon relatives

The next level of porn

Kelly dabbles in the dark arts

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The Fresh Factor............Online~! Season 3: Episode 4

With some brand new equipment and a whole lot more awkwardness the team returns to polute your iPod for another show.

This week:

More hypotheticals

Fresh explains why nice guys always finish last

Kelly does her book report

Movie news

Reader Questions

Jonesy's voice

Kelly's taste in women

Psychic predictions for 2012

Invisible box problems

Superhero free for all on the streets of LA

More K-Pop

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The Fresh Factor.......Online~! Season 3: Episode 3

And we are back for another festival of fun to stuff into your ear holes:

This week:

Chris Brown and gender politics

2012 vs 1982

Jonesy explains yacth rock

Kelly Facebook stalks Jonesy


Marvel comics news

Avengers vs X Men

Kelly gets given homework

Dogs turn the tables on their owners

Jonesy spoils the last season of Roseanne

Dinner parties for interesting people

The sexualisation of male nipples


Kelly finally says if she would rather sleep with Cloggers or Jonesy

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