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The Fresh Factor........ONLINE~!: Season 2, Episode 12

Making its glorious return after a mid season hiatus for another round of Fresh, Cloggers and Jonesy doing their best to disrupt Kelly reading the news.

This week:

Reasonably attractive child sex offenders

Masturbation material

He-Man toys

Korean Pop music

How the 2012 Soundwave festival relates to the 1999 Big Day Out

Kelly's disturbing love of certain colours

Haunted houses

Jonesy  is still not getting laid

Silent Disco

Emotion glasses

Public masturbation

Proclaimers songs taken litterally

Art wankers

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Episode 62: Operation Dumbo Drop

This week:

Thoughts on the Kurt Angle interview as well as what wasn't discussed on air, Russo no longer in charge of TNA creative, Hogan retires and then unretires, thoughts on TNA Bound For Glory as well as WWE Hell in the Cell, the WWE magazine trivia challenge, Cody Rhodes' voice and the return of the old style IC title belt, favorite and least favorite title belts over the years, could Steven Seagal take the UFC lightheavyweight title? Madison Eagles no longer Shimmer champion, Psycho Kid Thunder stories, thoughts on Warzone 10 and Wrestleclash 3, Gambino's epic return at the MCW Dragonfly show as well as unabashed adoration of Harley Wonderland.

We also get a bonus segment recorded after the MCW Dragonfly show including:

Dowie explaining where Jonesy is going wrong with women. Sway & Harley Wonderland talk tattoos, scotch , spank bank rankings, the Sydney Scene vs the Melbourne Scene, baking cookies and Mortal Kombat Babalities. Jonesy and Shazza McKenzie bond over their shared fear of Madison Eagles and the fact she may actually be immortal. Kellyanne and Ryan Rollins mock Jonesy's voice. Aaron Edward's talks character ideas for Percy the pornographer. Jacko Lantern discusses flannel. Fresh and Walker call Jonesy out on his choice of interview subjects and Harley Wonderland gets asked a very personal question

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Bonus Show: Kurt Angle Interview

Another special bonus show sees Fresh interview Olymic gold medalist and currently TNA champion Kurt Angle about his preparations for the 2012 Olympics, MMA training, who he would like to see pushed in TNA and how TNA can improve as a wrestling organisation.

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