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Episode 58: The Higher Power

The Scene is at war and its up to Fresh (In full CBF mode), Jonesy, Luke & Mikey Jay (Featuring new Scene Queen Bianca making random comments off mic) to tell fact from fiction.

This week:

What's gotten Huss so riled up and who is really pulling the strings? who's causing a stir in the NAW locker room? Is MCW at fighting with other promotions? Is Kevin Nash returning a good idea? The Raw mouse, UFC signs with FOX, Why Helton needs to hire an editor, Ryan Eagles vs everyone that ever trained with Lance Storm, is 'The Scene' too sensitive? an idea for 69er, WWX teasing WWE talent acquisitions, what could happen at Wrestlerock, dating advice for Jonesy, Fresh tells oral sex stories, we learn about douching and female ejaculation, circumcision, ring girls, proper entrance music selection and the story of Cloggers working as a manager.

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Bonus Show: Mutant & Proud

The second annual Shimmer bonus show features "The Rate Tank" Kellie Skater & Leva Bates discussing all things wrestling and all things nerdy including:

Japanese love hotels, Skater's time working for Reina, cosplay disasters, memories of the Armageddon costume battle royal, people asking to "wrestle" on Facebook, social media and it's affect on indy wrestling, Skater's thoughts on the Glamour/LAW controversy, Leva discusses breaking into wrestling and training with Team 3D, getting chopped by Bully Ray, working TNA dark matches with Isis the Amazon, why Jessica Havok is the nicest person in the world, confidence being confused for bitchiness, arguments over butterbeer, dance show fails, Leva's secret Australian past, Skater on busting into hotel rooms at 3am & dancing, detailed breakdowns of the latest series of Dr Who, why Leva hates Amy Pond so much, Mia Svensson is racist, how Regeneration X started, Skater's anime fascination, odd Japanese cinema, Samurai Pizza Cats, Joshi entrance themes, rebooting super heroes, Harley Quinn vs Slave Leia, Florida fast food, Mr Anderson: Cupcake Ninja & the Rate Tank Workout System.

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Episode 57: The 'Fly

After a brief winter break the team has returned to deconstruct "The Scene" once more.

This week:

The reason for the hiatus, who's back in "The Scene", Jonesy's horrible MCW performance, did CM Punk return too early? The fate of the DCWBBL, WWE booking over the next few months, the Terri/New Jack breakup gets ugly, The legacy of the WWF Hardcore Title, Brian Pillman stories, Why Hardcore Justice and Mr Anderson suck, Walker is not a fan of Colt Cabana's podcast, "Scene" credit ratings, The greatest entranceway ever, NAW vs MCW vs PCWe, Bullying accusations, the code of the referee, Demirov gets worked by MCW booking, Shazza McKenzie rubs Jonesy's belly and why we need more ethnics in wrestling.

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