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All the fallout from Braungate as the Factor returns from a brief holiday. The full panel is back although Cloggers was too lazy to show up so he joins us via Skype:

This week

Cheryl cole gets booted from the X Factor

Jonesy attempts to explain what went wrong with the last show

Was there a legitimate tech error or is it the sign of something more sinister

The team spends a lot of time talking about Kelly's thumbs

Fresh re-joins the Facebook world

Kelly's criteria for who she will accept on Facebook

Mind control video games

Clinical explanations of male arousal

Stand up comedy for cows

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A special bonus show sees Fresh, Walker and Jonesy talking the life and times of one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots.


The team talks about their favorite matches, programs and promos. His hall of fame credentials, was he better in WWF or WCW, what will be his legacy to the wrestling business as well clips of Ric Flair, DDP and The Ultimate Warrior giving their thoughts on his passing.

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After a week off the team has returned with its most contested round table discussion yet.


This week:

We discuss Gambino planking, Fresh gives booking ideas for The Gorilla Position, will the TNA rebranding campaign work, DCW as a religion, was Christian losing the title so quickly a slap in the face to long term fans, is CM Punk working the fans and the company, Steven Seagal is the new messiah of UFC, Jonesy gets dumped by his girlfriend, a round table discussion about the best 10 tag teams of all time, why Barry Lawrence working dark matches is a gross missuse of his talent, The Australian wrestling megapowers explode, Nikita Naridan's quite fetching ref attire, why Alexi Pappadopolous is the best talent on The Gorilla Position, Ryan Rollins is the most improved wrestler of 2011, new gimmick idea for Iron Horse, Jonesy attempts to review NAW while the rest of the team look at Guess Her Muff, Zonk the Clown's true identity revealed and Walker tells stories of visiting strippers.

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Newreader Kelly Steven's life has been leading up to this day as the team interviews Seinfeld's original Lloyd Braud, Peter Keleghan about Canadian content laws and how devestatingly hansome he is.

Also this week:

The death of Osama Bin Laden

Paul's supposed comedy career

Kelly gets jealous of Paul meeting John Safran

Update on the Fresh Factor social experiment

Fresh quits Facebook live on air

The red carpet at the AVN awards

DCW's entertainment reporter Bass also joins the show to talk working the red carpet at the Logies, the ongoing Masterchef Juggernaut and why 10 news needs to be revamped

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Its time for another installment of the mindless self indulgence that is the DCW Variety Hour:

This week:

Gambino has some harsh words for Voodoo, the DCW Galaxy expands, preview of the proposed DCW self shoot interview, thoughts on the WWE Draft, the team's top 5 Wrestlemanias of all time, the time Gambino cried when meeting DVon Dudley, HSW crowd numbers, the mysterious Bendigo charity show, live notes from the most recent Thornbury MCW show, Sara Jay stories, Jonesy gets PWNED! by Sway, the epicness of last weeks Gorilla Position and we reveal the identity of Zonk the Clown.

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