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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

The great social experiment has reached it's conclusion and Fresh, Luke, newsreader Kelly and producer Paul are here to break down the results.


Covered this week:

Royal wedding indifference

Fresh geeks out about Thor

Kevin Smith helps Paul make friends at the office

The backstory of the DCW name

The results of the Facebook social experiment

Cripples beating up the able bodied

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What a difference a week makes. Fresh, Walker and Jonesy return to dissect the fallout from last weeks show.


This Week:

Walker doesn't care about Edge retiring, Has Melina turned Morrison into a Cuckold? Thoughts on WWE Tough Enough, the HSW ring breaks, a long discussion about why Fresh is already gone from MCW, does he hold any personal resentment as a result and will he ever return to the wrestling business.


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Covered this week:


Climate change

Kelly's not so secret admirer

More masturbation talk

The team undertakes a social experiment

Justin Bieber meets Slipknot

Who really owns the sun?

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A bonus show sees an emergency meeting of the DC's to analyse the growing social media war that has taken over Melbourne wrestling.

This Week:

Fresh drops a bomshell about his future in the Australian wrestling scene and what it means for DCW, thoughts & reflections on Wrestlemania 27, WWE removes wrestling from their name, PCWe has a new champion, HSW draws less than Fresh & Gambino's Wrestlemania parties, Shimmer vs Glamour and all the news, analysis, threats, invective and childish name calling exchanged between team DCW and The Gorilla Position.

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What happens when 3 people have nothing of value to say? You get this weeks edition of The DCW Variety Hour, full of all the indy sleaze you have come to know and love.


This Week:

The KFC Double Down, Neon Chimp news, Fresh & Gambino's competing WM27 functions, NAW on the 7:30 report was better than expected, Skype fails, Coverage of the most recent Gorilla Position featuring the most epic match of all time, Helton vs Lennard, Proper fluffing techniques, DCW Monday (Niki) Nitro, Missed opportunities and why Jonesy's love life is greatly exaggerated, Krackerjak's new hair cut and we finish with more bleeped comments in 1 minute than in the entire shows previous run combined.

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