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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Kelly has returned and Fresh, Producer Paul and Luke Colgan want details.


Covered this week:


The Rebecca Black plague

Kelly Stevens European vacation

Who on the panel still has their V-Plates?

Luke reviews US scene food

Will Sucker Punch be horrible

Psychic Vampires

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This week:
Walker's puss party, were TNA and Jeff Hardy working the fans at Victory Road? TNA losing their Australian TV outlet, Would you rather bang Snooki or Vickie Guerrero? The finer points of male grooming, Fresh's run in with Brian Christopher, the ramifications of Zuffa buying Strikeforce, UFC 128 odds, Gambino vs a footlong, Tenille Tayla signs a WWE developmental deal and what it means for Australian wrestling, more talk about the Wrestleclash raffle, we attempt to heal the growing rift between Huss and Chris Trance, KrackerJak gets into a parking lot altercation with 69er, Fresh talks about his possible comeback and we finish the show with a discussion about the first episode of The Gorilla Position as well as live play by play of episode 2 while we occasionally look at photos of Nikki Nitro online.

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Criss Fresh & producer Paul are joined by Rhi Lockwood, however it turns out more like an interrogation


Covered this week:


Women's rights

Why love knows no age

Moose pants

Why iPads will save the world

Gay Asian stereotypes


Blind people making sex tapes


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You are invited to a special extended edition of the DCW Variety hour. Fresh, Walker, Demirov & Tye are nursing their hangovers from UFC weekend and have some stories to tell.

This Week:

Australian wrestling's answer to Hurley & Warnie, more on the Rock's return, Sheamus gets buried, Mistico joins WWE, Sting related TNA stupidity, no results but plenty of analysis of UFC 127, Gay Coles, Mark Williamson's pubes, scene food, The Montreal bread job, why Grill'd is overrated, the raffle of the century, why Julian James was the MVP of the trip, Gambino gets suspended, Jonesy's 1 minute NAW review, thoughts on MCW Vendetta, Bass' hair, Fresh's return to booking, the biggest merger in local wrestling history, the infamous Wrestleclash raffle, more rants on the Gorilla position and Niki Nitro's buttocks.

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