BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast
The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Criss Fresh, Luke Colgan, Producer Paul & interim news reader Jessie James are here for your fortnightly fix of life in the modern world.


Covered this week:

Why people should stop thanking Jesus in their acceptance speeches

Jess gets interrogated about the nature of her friendship with Jonesy and why women are oddly drawn to him

The double standards of self pleasure

Fresh recounts the saga of the Bi Intruder

Why deaf people don't listen to podcasts

Building a Robocop statue

Monkey racism

17 year olds bringing down the AFL

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More popular than Niki Nitro's ass, the DCW Variety Hour returns for another week as we have the supersized panel of Fresh, Demirov, Walker, Jonesy, Gambino & Mikey J.


This Week:

The return of fashion watch, the Rock's epic promo, Alpha pro wrestling closes its doors & changes at NAW. The panel then proceeds to grill Mikey on everything MCW including how he became part of the promotion, disputes over who came up with the name, conflicts between management and talent, why he won't book Gambino, who is the designated hatchet man, crowd numbers, people who should not be doing promos, is $20 too much to charge for tickets? the benefit of competition, possible conflicts of interest and a MCW franchise update.

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Criss Fresh, Luke Colgan, Kelly Stevens and Producer Paul return for another week.


Covered in this week's show:

The demise of hipster jeans

Kelly is heading to Europe and the debate over who should replace her

Amateur surgery

Why 1993 was a great year for music

The reason no one buys albums anymore

The ongoing sexual tension between Kelly and Paul

Did one of Fresh's friends turn a member of NKOTB gay?

Proof that Steven Seagal is more powerful than Jesus

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The Last Super of mediocrity


This week:

Royal Rumble overbooking, Gambino's gay lounge, the Nash/Waltman shoot interview, Gillberg lies about the WAO supershow, is Big Huss going to PCW? the rescheduling of Warzone 8, MCW franchise opportunities, an update of the disappearance of Reena Christina, the other Australian wrestling podcasts, possible DCW spinoff shows and Fresh completely blows a gasket in response to the Gorilla Position pilot.

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