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The Fresh Factor....ONLINE~! Season 2: Episode 14

The closest we will ever get to an episode of "The Stevens Situation" as it is a very heavy Kelly themed show that gives up a brief glimpse into her troubled mind

This week:
Human Centipede 2
Masturbation update
Michelle Branch vs Vanessa Carlton
Transexual porn
Kelly joins Twitter
The year in comic book movies
Kelly's days working at Blockbuster
Her employment history
News on Transexual hawks
Schwarzenegger DVD commentary
Nose news

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State of the DC address

Fresh returns to the microphone for a special State of the DC address in which he speaks on his future as a member of DCW, who the new chief of DCW will be, his reasons for leaving MCW, the recent activity on the DCW Facebook wall and his take on the NAW Mulgrave show and the twitter controversy surrounding it.

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Episode 63: #HEEL

The chip bowl is full and that can only mean the DCW Summer Series has begun.

This week:

MCW Wrestleclash notes, all the fallout from WWX, Epping stories, DCW facebook wall whackiness, Raven and Walker talk business, proper locker room etiquette, Gambino talks about grabbing Traci Brooks' boobs, Spa Sex, NAW vs the DCW twitter feed and how Jonesy managed to become the most hated man in the scene.

Bonus audio from the Armageddon expo has Benny English and Ruby Raye discuss their respective run ins with Raven, Madison Eagles talks about her knee injury, the infamous promo claw hand and responds to accusations that PWA is elitist in its booking. We also get a return appearance from Shane Hero's stalkers.

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The Fresh Factor....ONLINE~! - Season 2: Episode 13

With Cloggers MIA, Kelly continues her futile struggle to actually complete a news story without being interrupted.

This week:

Horse racing skanks
Jonesy's movie marathon
Fresh's secret submissive bear past
Radio porn
Beavis and Butthead returns
American horror story
Family crest humor
Nickleback hate
Unboxing porn
Veruca Salt stories
Bees & Billie Piper

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Time for another bonus show as Michael Tye speaks to new TNA Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode who gives his thoughts on his first trip to Australia, Winning the TNA heavyweight Title, his career in TNA, losing to Kurt Angle at BFG, The Jersey Shore and who he thinks are the next breakout stars on the TNA roster

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The Fresh Factor........ONLINE~!: Season 2, Episode 12

Making its glorious return after a mid season hiatus for another round of Fresh, Cloggers and Jonesy doing their best to disrupt Kelly reading the news.

This week:

Reasonably attractive child sex offenders

Masturbation material

He-Man toys

Korean Pop music

How the 2012 Soundwave festival relates to the 1999 Big Day Out

Kelly's disturbing love of certain colours

Haunted houses

Jonesy  is still not getting laid

Silent Disco

Emotion glasses

Public masturbation

Proclaimers songs taken litterally

Art wankers

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Episode 62: Operation Dumbo Drop

This week:

Thoughts on the Kurt Angle interview as well as what wasn't discussed on air, Russo no longer in charge of TNA creative, Hogan retires and then unretires, thoughts on TNA Bound For Glory as well as WWE Hell in the Cell, the WWE magazine trivia challenge, Cody Rhodes' voice and the return of the old style IC title belt, favorite and least favorite title belts over the years, could Steven Seagal take the UFC lightheavyweight title? Madison Eagles no longer Shimmer champion, Psycho Kid Thunder stories, thoughts on Warzone 10 and Wrestleclash 3, Gambino's epic return at the MCW Dragonfly show as well as unabashed adoration of Harley Wonderland.

We also get a bonus segment recorded after the MCW Dragonfly show including:

Dowie explaining where Jonesy is going wrong with women. Sway & Harley Wonderland talk tattoos, scotch , spank bank rankings, the Sydney Scene vs the Melbourne Scene, baking cookies and Mortal Kombat Babalities. Jonesy and Shazza McKenzie bond over their shared fear of Madison Eagles and the fact she may actually be immortal. Kellyanne and Ryan Rollins mock Jonesy's voice. Aaron Edward's talks character ideas for Percy the pornographer. Jacko Lantern discusses flannel. Fresh and Walker call Jonesy out on his choice of interview subjects and Harley Wonderland gets asked a very personal question

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Bonus Show: Kurt Angle Interview

Another special bonus show sees Fresh interview Olymic gold medalist and currently TNA champion Kurt Angle about his preparations for the 2012 Olympics, MMA training, who he would like to see pushed in TNA and how TNA can improve as a wrestling organisation.

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Episode 59: Double Thumbs

The ladies battle it out for scene spankbank supremacy and the team talks a little bit of wrestling as well:

This week:

Gambino is back on the panel, Harley Wonderland defects to the DCW page and then no sells Fresh and Jonesy on Facebook, thoughts on the MCW Dragonfly show, Lockeroom speeches, the Black Bean controversy, being in denial about losing your hair, Gambino is having regrowth issues, male nudity, Gambino's guide to scene SMS dating, is Fresh of Walker the most unlikable member of the team? WWX contacting local wrestlers, Josh Shooters bulge, wrestlers catching trains, which state has the best looking fan and the team gives their top 5 lists for the most spankable female wrestlers in the country complete with name calling, debates, fights and poking fun at each others choices.

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Episode 58: The Higher Power

The Scene is at war and its up to Fresh (In full CBF mode), Jonesy, Luke & Mikey Jay (Featuring new Scene Queen Bianca making random comments off mic) to tell fact from fiction.

This week:

What's gotten Huss so riled up and who is really pulling the strings? who's causing a stir in the NAW locker room? Is MCW at fighting with other promotions? Is Kevin Nash returning a good idea? The Raw mouse, UFC signs with FOX, Why Helton needs to hire an editor, Ryan Eagles vs everyone that ever trained with Lance Storm, is 'The Scene' too sensitive? an idea for 69er, WWX teasing WWE talent acquisitions, what could happen at Wrestlerock, dating advice for Jonesy, Fresh tells oral sex stories, we learn about douching and female ejaculation, circumcision, ring girls, proper entrance music selection and the story of Cloggers working as a manager.

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