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The Fresh Factor....ONLINE~! Season 2: Episode 14

The closest we will ever get to an episode of "The Stevens Situation" as it is a very heavy Kelly themed show that gives up a brief glimpse into her troubled mind

This week:
Human Centipede 2
Masturbation update
Michelle Branch vs Vanessa Carlton
Transexual porn
Kelly joins Twitter
The year in comic book movies
Kelly's days working at Blockbuster
Her employment history
News on Transexual hawks
Schwarzenegger DVD commentary
Nose news

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The Fresh Factor....ONLINE~! - Season 2: Episode 13

With Cloggers MIA, Kelly continues her futile struggle to actually complete a news story without being interrupted.

This week:

Horse racing skanks
Jonesy's movie marathon
Fresh's secret submissive bear past
Radio porn
Beavis and Butthead returns
American horror story
Family crest humor
Nickleback hate
Unboxing porn
Veruca Salt stories
Bees & Billie Piper

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The Fresh Factor........ONLINE~!: Season 2, Episode 12

Making its glorious return after a mid season hiatus for another round of Fresh, Cloggers and Jonesy doing their best to disrupt Kelly reading the news.

This week:

Reasonably attractive child sex offenders

Masturbation material

He-Man toys

Korean Pop music

How the 2012 Soundwave festival relates to the 1999 Big Day Out

Kelly's disturbing love of certain colours

Haunted houses

Jonesy  is still not getting laid

Silent Disco

Emotion glasses

Public masturbation

Proclaimers songs taken litterally

Art wankers

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Bonus Show: Mutant & Proud

The second annual Shimmer bonus show features "The Rate Tank" Kellie Skater & Leva Bates discussing all things wrestling and all things nerdy including:

Japanese love hotels, Skater's time working for Reina, cosplay disasters, memories of the Armageddon costume battle royal, people asking to "wrestle" on Facebook, social media and it's affect on indy wrestling, Skater's thoughts on the Glamour/LAW controversy, Leva discusses breaking into wrestling and training with Team 3D, getting chopped by Bully Ray, working TNA dark matches with Isis the Amazon, why Jessica Havok is the nicest person in the world, confidence being confused for bitchiness, arguments over butterbeer, dance show fails, Leva's secret Australian past, Skater on busting into hotel rooms at 3am & dancing, detailed breakdowns of the latest series of Dr Who, why Leva hates Amy Pond so much, Mia Svensson is racist, how Regeneration X started, Skater's anime fascination, odd Japanese cinema, Samurai Pizza Cats, Joshi entrance themes, rebooting super heroes, Harley Quinn vs Slave Leia, Florida fast food, Mr Anderson: Cupcake Ninja & the Rate Tank Workout System.

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It's Stevens vs Fresh on this weeks show as they argue about darn near everything.

This week:

More on anal sex as a gender equality metaphor

How getting Facebook stalked destroyed Jonesy's reputation as a ladies man

Luke gets asked about his dating life

Women fighting over Fresh

Kelly's new gimmick

How she directed a training video

New theme for the news segment

Great song titles

Was music better 5 years ago?

Peanut butter news

A scathing personal attack thinly veiled as a news story

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With Luke suspended from the show its up to Fresh, Kelly and Jonesy to keep the ship afloat

This week

Anal sex as an analogy for the metaphysical state of gender equality

Angry eating

The different character roles in 90's RnB

Kelly examines facial features

Sean connery slaps women

Skeletor yells at people

Sharing dreams digitally

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All the fallout from Braungate as the Factor returns from a brief holiday. The full panel is back although Cloggers was too lazy to show up so he joins us via Skype:

This week

Cheryl cole gets booted from the X Factor

Jonesy attempts to explain what went wrong with the last show

Was there a legitimate tech error or is it the sign of something more sinister

The team spends a lot of time talking about Kelly's thumbs

Fresh re-joins the Facebook world

Kelly's criteria for who she will accept on Facebook

Mind control video games

Clinical explanations of male arousal

Stand up comedy for cows

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Newreader Kelly Steven's life has been leading up to this day as the team interviews Seinfeld's original Lloyd Braud, Peter Keleghan about Canadian content laws and how devestatingly hansome he is.

Also this week:

The death of Osama Bin Laden

Paul's supposed comedy career

Kelly gets jealous of Paul meeting John Safran

Update on the Fresh Factor social experiment

Fresh quits Facebook live on air

The red carpet at the AVN awards

DCW's entertainment reporter Bass also joins the show to talk working the red carpet at the Logies, the ongoing Masterchef Juggernaut and why 10 news needs to be revamped

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The great social experiment has reached it's conclusion and Fresh, Luke, newsreader Kelly and producer Paul are here to break down the results.


Covered this week:

Royal wedding indifference

Fresh geeks out about Thor

Kevin Smith helps Paul make friends at the office

The backstory of the DCW name

The results of the Facebook social experiment

Cripples beating up the able bodied

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Covered this week:


Climate change

Kelly's not so secret admirer

More masturbation talk

The team undertakes a social experiment

Justin Bieber meets Slipknot

Who really owns the sun?

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Kelly has returned and Fresh, Producer Paul and Luke Colgan want details.


Covered this week:


The Rebecca Black plague

Kelly Stevens European vacation

Who on the panel still has their V-Plates?

Luke reviews US scene food

Will Sucker Punch be horrible

Psychic Vampires

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Criss Fresh & producer Paul are joined by Rhi Lockwood, however it turns out more like an interrogation


Covered this week:


Women's rights

Why love knows no age

Moose pants

Why iPads will save the world

Gay Asian stereotypes


Blind people making sex tapes


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Criss Fresh, Luke Colgan, Producer Paul & interim news reader Jessie James are here for your fortnightly fix of life in the modern world.


Covered this week:

Why people should stop thanking Jesus in their acceptance speeches

Jess gets interrogated about the nature of her friendship with Jonesy and why women are oddly drawn to him

The double standards of self pleasure

Fresh recounts the saga of the Bi Intruder

Why deaf people don't listen to podcasts

Building a Robocop statue

Monkey racism

17 year olds bringing down the AFL

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Criss Fresh, Luke Colgan, Kelly Stevens and Producer Paul return for another week.


Covered in this week's show:

The demise of hipster jeans

Kelly is heading to Europe and the debate over who should replace her

Amateur surgery

Why 1993 was a great year for music

The reason no one buys albums anymore

The ongoing sexual tension between Kelly and Paul

Did one of Fresh's friends turn a member of NKOTB gay?

Proof that Steven Seagal is more powerful than Jesus

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Season 2 of The Fresh Factor begins 

Criss Fresh, Luke Colgan and Kelly Stevens return and are joined by new producer Paul Jones.

The team discuss everything from:

Talking in cinemas,

Bad Segment ideas,


The Top 5 movies and singles,

Is Kevin Smith arrogant?

Is Seth Rogan less funny when skinny?

and why is karaoke singers getting murdered funny yet Cats being hit in the testicles in the name of science not? 


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