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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

DCW goes Cinéma vérité as Gambino and Jonesy invade the Armageddon Expo and proceed to stick a microphone in the face of everyone they come in contact with.


This week:

Mike Burr returns to discuss Raven & Huss no showing, Kellie Skater talks wrestling men and stealing the Shimmer dance off championship, Rohan gets dissed by both the WWE DVD and Go Figure collectible booths, Jonesy gets shot down by Paige, Gambino tries and fails to chat up numerous women, we raise awareness for breast cancer research, Shane Hero talks eBay postage and being stalked, KrackerJak gives his thoughts on the Huss saga, not being booked on Armageddon, Alien vs Predator as a discourse on genital politics, Gambino gropes Baroness from G.I Joe, Damian Slater's plan to improve his drop kicks, we track down both of Shane Hero's stalkers and ask the simple question "Why?", Melbourne's strongest poet , Joey Kurtshenko educates Gambino about poetry groupies, Gambino takes a bump, Madison Eagles speaks in detail about the proper etiquette when trying to get booked on shows and what Johnny Fairplay did to get her so mad, Ryan Eagles talks about how the Armageddon/PWA deal came about and the booking decisions surrounding it, his thoughts on whether Huss can come back from his meltdown and he responds to Criss Fresh's statement that he got away with criticising the Melbourne scene, Jag discusses his contract status in Japan and how it would affect the Adelaide scene as well as the proper way to urinate. We also get a special appearance by Ms Jenkins where she reveals which member of DCW she would sleep with.

Gambino also attends ACW and finds out why Reena Christina believes the nickname Regina Vagina ruined her life, Bass gives his though on the lack of respect going around lately, Rocky Menero goes to the bingo, Luke Colgan has hamburgers, DDG reflects on the Alpha promo from hell and her current training status and Reena Christina returns to talk about her pants

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