BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast
The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Fresh, Tye, Jonesy, Mikey Jay and Gambino go for almost 2 hours of scandalous rumors and hearsay about almost everyone that has been near a wrestling ring in this country.


This week:

Gambino gets excited about Hungry Jacks, Hell in the Cell stupidity, Raw gives Fresh a nose bleed, why wrestling is not considered cool anymore, rants about people who purchase replica belts, was Justin Gabriel in The Shine? Flair and Foley punching themselves in the face and even more wrestling groupie stories.


On ExtEnZe:

Fallout from the AFL Grand Final

The team set back gender politics by about 20 years

People who want to sleep with members of DCW


In Australian Wrestling:

69er returns to the ring, people leaving for Japan, various people are mad at team DCW, using t-shirts as a spank rag, proper tanning etiquette for funerals, the AWA title resurfacing in WA, Fresh takes issue with Danny Psycho as ACW champion, Is Mike Petersen being used correctly? why Krackerjak should be the cornerstone of every promotion in the country, what changes are coming for ACW, the merits of booking interstate talent, ignoring personal issues when booking, Why Matt Silva has no personality, The issues around Warzone and PCW being booked for the same night, Gambino wants to text nude photos of himself to Reena Christina, a rather disturbing discussion about Glee, we attempt to get Channel 10 rumors out of Mikey, we call Bass to try and confirm the existence of the Jo Beth Taylor sex tape and Jonesy tries to explain why people on the F4W/Wrestling Observer message board don't like him.



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