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Walker & Fresh have returned and they are pissed off


This Week:

Fresh buries Gambino's performance over the last few weeks, why Jonesy is the new Rohan Herbstreit of the Melbourne wrestling scene, Tye gets called out for liking Raw Roulette, why the talking GM laptop was a dumb idea, The story of Tye getting called a faggot by Paul Heyman & how he almost facilitated a criminal act, Would the Rock have ever succeeded in MMA, UFC news and thoughts, pregnancy tests, is Frank Mir attractive, Demi Moore gets disqualified from being the Spank Bank Choice of the Week and more talk about pubic hair than you can shake a stick at.


In Aussie Wrestling:

Shane Hero scams people on eBay, people getting customer wrestling figures made, why no one wants to by local wrestlers shirts, people who should not be main eventing shows, Demirov predicts death for Warzone, behind the scenes of the booking of Wrestlerock 13, big update on the WAO supershow including a big match announcement as well as Fresh calling out people who are not attending, How Slex leaving the country will affect the business and everyone does bad Dusty Rhodes impressions.


On ExteNze:

The Commonwealth Games are doomed

The AFL Grand Final draw

Ablett gone from Geelong

Was the mix up at the Australia's Next Top Model final a work?

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