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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Gambino, Demirov, Tye and Jonesy are back for another week bringing their special brand of whackiness and general stupidity to all things wrestling.


This week:

Gambino rants on idiots at the drive thru, Thoughts on Night of Champions, Is Randy Orton any good? Ratings are down, the team blatantly asks for free tickets to Fozzy, The story of Criss Fresh sandbagging John Horwarth, why Michelle McCool is the Paris Hilton of the WWE, Matt Hardy loses his tiny little mind and a preview of Cro Cop vs Mir. The team also talks about which international wrestlers they have met were the biggest douchebags.


In Aussie Wrestling:

Someone got deported, news and notes from Warzone 6 including the tale of the missing shoe, thoughts on Benny English, Gambino meets Ms Jenkins and gives a detailed critique on Reena Christina's performance, Who is Gargamel Mc Smurfpants? attractive valets from Perth, should Enforcer retire? Carlo Cannon's history of putting holes in walls, people need to stop taking unprotected chairshots to the head, lots of talk about the NWF and their plans to run weekly shows in Melbourne. We also reveal a deep, dark secret about Walker and Fresh.


On ExtenZe:

Losing money betting on the Brownlow medal

We rate the WAGs

Commonwealth games heading for disaster

A little bit on this weekend's grand final

George Demirov: Master detective

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