BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast
The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

This weeks show starts off with a special appearance by Criss Fresh to discuss his thoughts on the current state of Australian wrestling, his photo battle on the DCW Facebook page and to announce the debut of his own spin off show "The Fresh Factor"

We then return to regular programing with Jonesy, Demirov, Tye and Gambino discussing Walker going missing in Perth, what exactly is Portello? The story of Jonesy getting bogged in the parking lot at PCW, thoughts on Fresh's announcement, someone stole the DCW logo, Raw Roulette whackiness, why the WWE PPV numbers are down, thoughts and predictions for Night of Champions, Kane's bellybutton, Why NXT is the best car crash show ever and Jonesy attempts to recap this week's Shimmer tapings.

In Aussie wrestling

Gillberg attempts to get booked on the end of year supershow, which causes the Melbourne wrestling civil war to break out again, why doing flips makes you a good wrestler (Apparently), News and notes from last weeks PCW show including why Alberto Bravado is a fine man, Chris Trance/Shane Hero party popper awesomeness, The battle of men in interesting pants, the guy who sat behind Jonesy that embodied the true DCW spirit, Vixsin beating up on young girls, Demirov has WWA flashbacks and Jungle Cat shows everyone how to get yourself booked.


On ExTenZe

We complain about petrol prices

Oprah sucks money out of Australian Taxpayers

Tony Abbott: Forever Optimistic

More AFL Finals chatter

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