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Walker & Fresh have returned and they are pissed off


This Week:

Fresh buries Gambino's performance over the last few weeks, why Jonesy is the new Rohan Herbstreit of the Melbourne wrestling scene, Tye gets called out for liking Raw Roulette, why the talking GM laptop was a dumb idea, The story of Tye getting called a faggot by Paul Heyman & how he almost facilitated a criminal act, Would the Rock have ever succeeded in MMA, UFC news and thoughts, pregnancy tests, is Frank Mir attractive, Demi Moore gets disqualified from being the Spank Bank Choice of the Week and more talk about pubic hair than you can shake a stick at.


In Aussie Wrestling:

Shane Hero scams people on eBay, people getting customer wrestling figures made, why no one wants to by local wrestlers shirts, people who should not be main eventing shows, Demirov predicts death for Warzone, behind the scenes of the booking of Wrestlerock 13, big update on the WAO supershow including a big match announcement as well as Fresh calling out people who are not attending, How Slex leaving the country will affect the business and everyone does bad Dusty Rhodes impressions.


On ExteNze:

The Commonwealth Games are doomed

The AFL Grand Final draw

Ablett gone from Geelong

Was the mix up at the Australia's Next Top Model final a work?

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Gambino, Demirov, Tye and Jonesy are back for another week bringing their special brand of whackiness and general stupidity to all things wrestling.


This week:

Gambino rants on idiots at the drive thru, Thoughts on Night of Champions, Is Randy Orton any good? Ratings are down, the team blatantly asks for free tickets to Fozzy, The story of Criss Fresh sandbagging John Horwarth, why Michelle McCool is the Paris Hilton of the WWE, Matt Hardy loses his tiny little mind and a preview of Cro Cop vs Mir. The team also talks about which international wrestlers they have met were the biggest douchebags.


In Aussie Wrestling:

Someone got deported, news and notes from Warzone 6 including the tale of the missing shoe, thoughts on Benny English, Gambino meets Ms Jenkins and gives a detailed critique on Reena Christina's performance, Who is Gargamel Mc Smurfpants? attractive valets from Perth, should Enforcer retire? Carlo Cannon's history of putting holes in walls, people need to stop taking unprotected chairshots to the head, lots of talk about the NWF and their plans to run weekly shows in Melbourne. We also reveal a deep, dark secret about Walker and Fresh.


On ExtenZe:

Losing money betting on the Brownlow medal

We rate the WAGs

Commonwealth games heading for disaster

A little bit on this weekend's grand final

George Demirov: Master detective

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This weeks show starts off with a special appearance by Criss Fresh to discuss his thoughts on the current state of Australian wrestling, his photo battle on the DCW Facebook page and to announce the debut of his own spin off show "The Fresh Factor"

We then return to regular programing with Jonesy, Demirov, Tye and Gambino discussing Walker going missing in Perth, what exactly is Portello? The story of Jonesy getting bogged in the parking lot at PCW, thoughts on Fresh's announcement, someone stole the DCW logo, Raw Roulette whackiness, why the WWE PPV numbers are down, thoughts and predictions for Night of Champions, Kane's bellybutton, Why NXT is the best car crash show ever and Jonesy attempts to recap this week's Shimmer tapings.

In Aussie wrestling

Gillberg attempts to get booked on the end of year supershow, which causes the Melbourne wrestling civil war to break out again, why doing flips makes you a good wrestler (Apparently), News and notes from last weeks PCW show including why Alberto Bravado is a fine man, Chris Trance/Shane Hero party popper awesomeness, The battle of men in interesting pants, the guy who sat behind Jonesy that embodied the true DCW spirit, Vixsin beating up on young girls, Demirov has WWA flashbacks and Jungle Cat shows everyone how to get yourself booked.


On ExTenZe

We complain about petrol prices

Oprah sucks money out of Australian Taxpayers

Tony Abbott: Forever Optimistic

More AFL Finals chatter

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After a short break, Demirov, Tye, Jonsey & Mikey Jay return.

This week:

Demirov speculates on what Walker is doing away from the show, More on the Italian Tank's funeral, AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer (With stupid new ring gear) in the battle of the crossfaces, why Angle vs Hardy was stupid, the problem with TNA crowds, Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart gets busted and Jericho's contract status.


In local wrestling:

Chris Fresh gets slutty and Ms Jenkins tries to one up him, lots of Jokes about Fresh's new glasses, Mikey's definitive list of people who want to be mentioned on the show and what do Julian James & Demirov have to do with the Gillberg training school page.


On ExTenZe:

Stephanie Rice calling people faggots

Fevova flops it out

Demirov & Tye's finals preview

And we finish on a joke

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