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The captain jumps overboard

On the good ship DCW this week we see Fresh, Walker, Demirov, Gambino & Jonesy rekindling the meat axe vs career debate in light of the recent bonus show, Fresh is very mad at someone but won’t say who, Fresh states why he is allowed to have an opinion and why you should all listen to it, Why none of us went to WWE (Feelings are hurt, accusations are thrown), The captaincy of DCW changes hands, Jonesy gets hammered for his women’s wrestling-centric bonus show, Gambino’s thoughts on sexual harassment, Samoa Joe gets suspended for attempting to bring logic into TNA and why the company is doomed to failure, The build to Silva vs Sonnen, The greatness of Roy Nelson, What exactly are The Nexus fighting for? How Inception may ruin the next X-Men movie and further notes on the Lanny Poffo interview.

We are then joined by our TV correspondent, Bass with all the weeks’ news including why ‘Don’t stop believing’ may be a failure before its first episode is aired and why variety shows (Not including DCW of course) are dying a slow death.

‘The Pitbull’ Craig Cole joins the panel to finish the show to discuss threatening other wrestling companies talent, addressing rumours about PCW, Working for NAW and why he is no longer on good terms with the company, why trainers should not run wrestling promotions, the death of the first incarnation of NAW and the lies that surrounded it, the unprofessionalism shown by rookies and who are the people responsible, how local shows can be improved, the positives in the local scene and why we need more squash matches.

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Our second bonus show this week sees us joined by 'The Rate Tank' Kellie Skater & Allison Danger of Shimmer Women Athletes to discuss the world of womens wrestling as well as the current series of Dr Who, the American fascination with peanut butter and the Australian love of Vegemite, the finer points of international snackfood, how the Untitled Allison Danger Show came about, what lead to the Australian invasion of Shimmer, Why Bryce Remsburg has the greatest drivers licence photo ever, who will be the next wave of Australian women wrestlers to make the jump to the US? Why alligators are cute, Tank's Roo Roids habit and how she became The Rate Tank in the first place, Adam Ant vs Ke$ha, Madison Eagles ribs Tank, Veruca Salt, Nudity in wrestling, How parenthood changes things, Skater's goals for her future in wrestling, Danger almost getting stabbed in Ireland, Educating Danger on the proper use of Australian Slang, Jessie McKay gets punchy, The legendary Shimmer after parties, Why Skater is the worst dancer ever, getting chlamydia from violating koalas, the truth about drop bears, various rants about the booking of women's wrestling in TNA and WWE and stories of people licking Dave Prazak.

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