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Walker, Gambino, Jonesy, Tye and Mikey Jay (The NWO C Team according to Walker) are on the panel for another week of general bitching and rumour starting.


This Week:

Walker really misses Demirov, Is Herbie dodging DCW? The Nexus angle is slowly dying, Why 6 man title matches suck, Is Sheamus a fake Irishman? Why did Serena get released and what price is loyalty in WWE? Gambino Facebook stalks Sean Waltman's daughter, Foley has a bit of a cry, Why RVD's contract was a stupid idea, Walker pontificates on where the Nash/Sting vs Jarret/Hogan angle is going, How bad did Lashley look in his first MMA loss and we preview UFC118.

In Aussie wrestling:

We review NAW without having actually seen it, Reena Christina's new pants, The ACW show and thoughts on Danny Psycho as champion, Someone escapes from Alpha and possibly gets blacklisted, Mrs Jenkings fascination with Fresh and team DCW continues. We then grill Mikey on a wide range of topics such as booking the last Wrestlerock, why he got into the production side of the business, people calling him two faced and untrustworthy, who he thinks is the real problem in Alpha, booking for ACW, the lack of loyalty in Melbourne, punching women, People trying to get shows cancelled, The booking of Tommy Hellfire as champion, why he brought in Ryan Eagles, who said no to ACW and who will eventually take is place in Australian wrestling.


On ExtenZE

Ben Cousins stories

Matthew Newton getting punchy is not a new thing

The quality of catering at election press conferences

Bass talks this week in TV and prostitutes



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Gambino rejoins the panel as well discuss Summerslam and where we think the Nexus angle is going, making Heath Slater tolerable, Why Melina looks like Big Bird, is WWE trying to re-educate the crowd or prevent injuries? The good and the bad of TNA's 'The Whole F'n Show", why Janice is stupid, the fan who was the highlight of the show, Walker's microphone almost kills him, how Lance Cade's death will affect Linda McMahon's senate run, Tiffany goes mental and we speculate about Drew McIntyre's meat axe.


In Local Wrestling:

The Passing of The Italian Tank, his legacy and what people running shows can learn from him, Demirov is not a fan of Bulldog, We review the hype for The Beast vs The Hitman at this weekends NAW show, Brandon Taylor's cream cheese assisted promo for SWA, The utter stupidity of the Tournament of Hate 5 YouTube video, The planned history of PWA DVD and how Gambino fits in.


On ExTenZe:

Ben Cousins retires

Tila Tequila get pelted with crap and Jonesy has some choice words for the Juggalos

People getting shot in odd places

Harry Kewel goes nuts

Walker's after hours activities

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This week the captaincy of the good ship DCW is once again in dispute, Jonesy gets a big head after the success of the Danger/Skater interview, thoughts on UFC 117, is Sonnen the only person to ever give Silva a challenge? Did Sonnen sabotage himself? Is Silva scared of a rematch? Why Roy Nelson is the Homer Simpson of the MMA world, Why the current heavyweight division might be the best ever, is Matt Hughes' career in decline and whether hall of famers should continue to fight, what was the point of the TNA Hardcore Justice PPV? Why Francine was the only smart one, everyone should stop sucking up to Dixie Carter, Tommy Dreamer is the worst parent ever, Joel Gertner sure is a large man, Flair needs to keep his clothes on, why the post Hardcore Justice booking is horrible (Yes there are spoilers), Wade Barrett's hair, the final build to Summerslam and who might be the 7th member of team WWE, Why sending the fans home happy is not always a good idea and the JBL world tour.


In Aussie wrestling:

Footage of the TNA tryouts surfaces, is the war over or is something coming around the corner, news on a big Australian supershow in the works, Resurrecting GOE and Demirov's issue with the legacy of Wrestlerock DVD.


On ExTenZe:

The Andrew Lovett rape case

The proper test for boob perkiness

Jeff Kennet is at it again

How the finals are shaping up

The current radio ratings (We currently outrate MTR)

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The captain jumps overboard

On the good ship DCW this week we see Fresh, Walker, Demirov, Gambino & Jonesy rekindling the meat axe vs career debate in light of the recent bonus show, Fresh is very mad at someone but won’t say who, Fresh states why he is allowed to have an opinion and why you should all listen to it, Why none of us went to WWE (Feelings are hurt, accusations are thrown), The captaincy of DCW changes hands, Jonesy gets hammered for his women’s wrestling-centric bonus show, Gambino’s thoughts on sexual harassment, Samoa Joe gets suspended for attempting to bring logic into TNA and why the company is doomed to failure, The build to Silva vs Sonnen, The greatness of Roy Nelson, What exactly are The Nexus fighting for? How Inception may ruin the next X-Men movie and further notes on the Lanny Poffo interview.

We are then joined by our TV correspondent, Bass with all the weeks’ news including why ‘Don’t stop believing’ may be a failure before its first episode is aired and why variety shows (Not including DCW of course) are dying a slow death.

‘The Pitbull’ Craig Cole joins the panel to finish the show to discuss threatening other wrestling companies talent, addressing rumours about PCW, Working for NAW and why he is no longer on good terms with the company, why trainers should not run wrestling promotions, the death of the first incarnation of NAW and the lies that surrounded it, the unprofessionalism shown by rookies and who are the people responsible, how local shows can be improved, the positives in the local scene and why we need more squash matches.

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Our second bonus show this week sees us joined by 'The Rate Tank' Kellie Skater & Allison Danger of Shimmer Women Athletes to discuss the world of womens wrestling as well as the current series of Dr Who, the American fascination with peanut butter and the Australian love of Vegemite, the finer points of international snackfood, how the Untitled Allison Danger Show came about, what lead to the Australian invasion of Shimmer, Why Bryce Remsburg has the greatest drivers licence photo ever, who will be the next wave of Australian women wrestlers to make the jump to the US? Why alligators are cute, Tank's Roo Roids habit and how she became The Rate Tank in the first place, Adam Ant vs Ke$ha, Madison Eagles ribs Tank, Veruca Salt, Nudity in wrestling, How parenthood changes things, Skater's goals for her future in wrestling, Danger almost getting stabbed in Ireland, Educating Danger on the proper use of Australian Slang, Jessie McKay gets punchy, The legendary Shimmer after parties, Why Skater is the worst dancer ever, getting chlamydia from violating koalas, the truth about drop bears, various rants about the booking of women's wrestling in TNA and WWE and stories of people licking Dave Prazak.

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He truly is a great, great man

We had the privilege of spending some time with The Genius himself, Lanny Poffo to discuss his career, the passing of Angelo Poffo and his disappointment at WWE not acknowledging it, does Australian have pizza? Did he use steroids? Hulk Hogan’s claims about him on the Howard Stern Show, Exactly how long did he get paid to do nothing in WCW, was he Wildcat Willie? Would he have made a better Gorgeous George than Stephanie Bellars? Does he think a member of the Poffo family will ever make it into the WWE Hall Of Fame and which wrestling family should not have been inducted, his main event run with Hulk Hogan, The origins of the Genius character and he shares his views about his brother’s relationship with Vince McMahon and WWE.


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