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Now with 37% more vitriol!


The team are fired up as Fresh, Walker, Demirov, Jonesy and Gambino talk about the week that was.

This Week:

An Exclusive statement on the future of Wrestlerock, Gambino talks about his last match, why Wrestlerock is important to Australian wrestling, Fresh calls out Gambino, Inside news on the big boxing scandal this week, Why 40 people is NOT a good sized crowd, The pot calling the kettle fat, Fresh’s tips for hair care, Could a wrestler be stepping into the ring against Danny Green? Is fresh going to quit watching TNA & WWE, Savage still a better promo than 99% of the current wrestlers, Is TNA on Pay Per View dead? Alpha declares war on ACW, local wrestlers living in a bubble, We review Circus Ox including what they improved on and what they have failed to do, Mike Manson’s camel toe, Why Reena Christina & Josh Shooter have a lot of potential, Who got booted from the most recent BPW show, Which wrestler is jumping ship to PCW and we debut the segment “Who’s worse” where we debate whether Sid is worse than Kevin Nash.


On ExTenZe

Bass joins us to discuss the week in TV

The Etihad Stadium surface

Random references to Heartbreak High

The new interchange rule

 The Top 5 Centre-Half Forwards of all time

The leaders debate why boat people are a lie


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This week:

Gambino’s love of vacuuming, News and notes from Warzone 5, Who was supposed to be the mystery guest this week, The ongoing war of words between Chris Fresh and Chris Trance, Who has an octopus on their head? We try and heal the rift between Demirov and Jimmy Mustang, Was Money in the Bank worth watching? Masturbating to women’s matches, Stories from the booths at Shaft Cinema, The awesomeness of the Ivanhoe Coles, Why the ECW invasion of TNA is pointless, Is Dawn Marie ripping people off? Fresh’s DX wallet, who Gambino refused to accept friend requests from on Facebook, Paul has something positive to say about Alpha, The return of Cremator, Tommy Hellfire microphone holding update, why local wrestling needs agents to help plan matches, did the column plagiarise from the Variety Hour? The mysterious NSW tipster, Gambino reflects on dating Misty Cupcakes, Another intervention, local shows paying people to sell tickets, Facebook friend raping and the tale of Gambino trying to get a happy ending.


On ExTenZe:

Akermanis is gone from the Bulldogs

Gambino’s guide to successfully cheating on your partner

A whole lotta talk about penis


We also have the great call in experiment featuring an appearance from Gambino’s father and Derek “O-Town” Francis, who has some choice words for a few people.


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Over 2 hours of bastardised goodness for your listening pleasure


The Mad Bastard himself, KrackerJak joins the panel to talk his life in the wrestling business, Training with Ricky Diamond in the Dungeon, Gym Wars, The lack of quality control in today’s wrestling, His history with 69er, Spike Steel beating people up, Working for PCW and how it was booked, Being comic relief, The Puppet master, Why Spike Steel retired, The barb wire match that almost killed PCW, Why regulation is pointless, Leaving PCW and joining PWA, The two biggest lies in wrestling, Slikk Steve booking himself as champion, what lead to his improvement in the ring, How to book a cohesive show and why character development and branding is so important, The right way to book rookies, Is Gambino the worst person to come out of PWA? Why he is willing to work for any promotion, Why Alpha will not improve, The end of PWA and its legacy, Being pigeonholed as a hardcore wrestler, How far is too far? Why the Dicko angle failed and how kayfabe is hindering expansion of local wrestling, his take on the “Who watches the Ravnos” and Heath Fury controversies, Braithe Priest stories and he finishes up by making his picks of who are the best new wrestlers on the scene and who should stop wrestling all together.


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Now with no WWE content whatsoever!

With KrackerJak rescheduled to next week it is up to Fresh, Walker, Demirov, Jonesy and Gambino to discuss the week that was:


This Week:

Walker gives his 2 cents on last week’s hammering of Benny English, Gambino has a special message for South Australia, Why there are no friends in wrestling, Gambino reads off someone else’s UFC 116 notes, Did Stephan Bonnar have concrete surgically implanted into his skull? Walker and Demirov are mad at George Fishandchipalopolis, Noted Australian Journalist Steve Leibmann fights Akiyama, Gambino gets a lesson on how to properly enunciate, Has Lesnar silenced his critics and is he now a draw? Gambino wants to be raped by UFC, Impact FC is heading for disaster, Paul Heyman wants 10% of TNA and why Dixie needs to get off of TV now.


In Aussie wrestling:

The Herbstreit template, Why there is no better booker than Fresh, What Aussie wrestling wedding could out rate the Masterchef finale? The inside scoop on what Gambino has planned for his final match, we review the PWI webshow, Fresh has a Joel Bateman story, Did Gambino deliberately try to hurt Adam White? Why he lost his smile, we hold an intervention for Aussie wrestlers who wear their title belts in public, Why Madison and Ryan Eagles on the Matty Johns show was good for the local scene and we reveal who else has future endeavoured the DCW team on Facebook.


On ExtenZe:

The Ben Cousins sleeping pill debacle

Gambino supports gay marriage

Lindsay Lohan goes to jail

The spank bank segment gets hijacked

The world cup of failure

The DCW Facebook page hits a special milestone

Fresh throws out a challenge to Bass


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