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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

The least amount of pro wrestling content we’ve ever had!

Gorgeous Gino Gambino fills in for Sebastian Walker on the Panel this week and Fresh, Demirov and Jonesy talk very little about the world of wrestling.

This week

All the fallout from last week’s show, Mikey Jay punching women, The Mr Juicy Retirement Tour, The inherent stupidity of the term “Aussie Wrestling”, Who’s defriending who on Facebook, Stephan Cool stories, Getting to know Jonesy, The Fatal 4 Way PPV and why Rey’s title win means nothing, seducing Shelton Benjamin, thoughts on Sheamus being WWE champ again, Is there too much wrestling on pay TV? Jonesy’s terrible TNA analogy, Honky Tonk Man: Your man for internet wrestling scoops, Gambino ruins Wrestlemania for Demirov, Raw is Charlie’s Angels, The Jay Lethal & Ric Flair segment and why it may be overrated, who are the stand out performers in 2010? The different levels of wrestling nerdom, The TUF finale that no one cared about, Matt Hamill: Deaf fuckbag and Fresh’s tips for the best way to torment the deaf.


In local wrestling:

Rohan Herbstreit: Super racist, Attractive little people/dwarves/midgets, Gambino fitness update, the Dark side of Carlo Cannon, Breaking local news live on air about HSW, Promotions pulling videos from YouTube, Who’s getting it on at the Mill Park IGA? Demirov and Gambino engage in a competition of “Can you top this” about their wrestling achievements, Gambino has his rant on the recent civil war and we debut our new segment where we attempt to settle the internet feuds plaguing the local wrestling industry.


On ExTenZe

The whole segment gets hijacked as the Labour leadership challenge is thrown down live on air resulting in long debate about health care, taxation and the surprising amount of right wing people in local wrestling.

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