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Episode 21: The New Civil War

The battle lines have been drawn and it’s up to Demirov,

Walker, Tye and Jonesy to separate fact from fiction.


This week:

Rohan goes into hiding, Why Jonesy is the most hated

man in wrestling, Raw whackyness, The NXT beatdown

of Cena and why Michael Tarver still sucks, The terrible

Extreme Rules buyrate, Walkers obscure mid 90’s WWE

facts, is WWE panicking? Is UFC unbeatable on Pay Per

View? The return of the Super Mario sound effects,

Jeff Hardy nightclubbing in Hawthorn and Kane’s

daytime soap level of acting.


In local wrestling:

Over 20 minutes on the brewing civil war in Melbourne

wrestling, the attacks, who are the players and what

side is team DCW taking?


On ExTeNze:

How large is Jonesy’s head?

World Cup preview and whether Australia has

any hope at all.

Bashed vagina syndrome.

Tiger Woods returns.

Hawthorn making a mid season comeback.



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