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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Fresh, Demirov, Walker, Jonesy and special guest Derek “O-Town” Francis return to dissect the week in wrestling and MMA both locally and abroad.


This week:

Walker discusses his Facebook debut, Fresh lays into Benny English, Fresh continues to lay into Benny English, Backstabbing promoters, Are Wade Barrett’s visa issues going to ruin the Nexus angle? Has WWE been flat lining lately? Will bringing back the undisputed title help make titles matter in WWE? Who are ‘They’ and why can’t TNA stop them coming? There are only 7 angles in wrestling, The Cyborg/Finney fight and the finer art of boob punching, Is the real problem in women’s MMA the lack of high level fighters or the fact no one wants to see a woman get pummelled? Jonesy is nuggetty, Walkers first MMA fight, The colour supplements in old wrestling magazines, What does Fedor’s loss mean in the grand scheme of things? Lesnar’s return from the brink of death, The team makes their picks for Lesnar vs Carwin and talks a bit about Caribbean Gardens.


In Local wrestling:

Fresh reviews ACW and the longest tag match in human history, Fresh is a fan of Miss Cass, What is an acceptable rate to charge for a venue and a ring, The Herald Sun article and why it was damaging to Australian Wrestling, Circus Ox returns and we once again solve your online wrestling feuds by working our way through the “Who watches the Ravnos” saga.


On ExTenZe:

Germans picking their nose

The world cup is disappointing

The spherical and jovial Diego Maradona

NBA free agency speculation

Baker’s AFL Tribunal troubles

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The least amount of pro wrestling content we’ve ever had!

Gorgeous Gino Gambino fills in for Sebastian Walker on the Panel this week and Fresh, Demirov and Jonesy talk very little about the world of wrestling.

This week

All the fallout from last week’s show, Mikey Jay punching women, The Mr Juicy Retirement Tour, The inherent stupidity of the term “Aussie Wrestling”, Who’s defriending who on Facebook, Stephan Cool stories, Getting to know Jonesy, The Fatal 4 Way PPV and why Rey’s title win means nothing, seducing Shelton Benjamin, thoughts on Sheamus being WWE champ again, Is there too much wrestling on pay TV? Jonesy’s terrible TNA analogy, Honky Tonk Man: Your man for internet wrestling scoops, Gambino ruins Wrestlemania for Demirov, Raw is Charlie’s Angels, The Jay Lethal & Ric Flair segment and why it may be overrated, who are the stand out performers in 2010? The different levels of wrestling nerdom, The TUF finale that no one cared about, Matt Hamill: Deaf fuckbag and Fresh’s tips for the best way to torment the deaf.


In local wrestling:

Rohan Herbstreit: Super racist, Attractive little people/dwarves/midgets, Gambino fitness update, the Dark side of Carlo Cannon, Breaking local news live on air about HSW, Promotions pulling videos from YouTube, Who’s getting it on at the Mill Park IGA? Demirov and Gambino engage in a competition of “Can you top this” about their wrestling achievements, Gambino has his rant on the recent civil war and we debut our new segment where we attempt to settle the internet feuds plaguing the local wrestling industry.


On ExTenZe

The whole segment gets hijacked as the Labour leadership challenge is thrown down live on air resulting in long debate about health care, taxation and the surprising amount of right wing people in local wrestling.

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Episode 22: The Man With No Suit

Fresh has returned and starts the show with a 30

minute rant on the state of the Australian wrestling

industry, use of post production on highlight videos,

the lack of respect going around, the ongoing civil war

in Melbourne, why 69er hates Fresh (A brief history),

His beef with Chris Trance and he clearly states his

stance on HSW and Alpha.

This week we also cover the end of Hall Watch and

the debut of the Matthew Milz memorial, Madison

"Knockout Killer' Rayne, General TNA stupidity, Why

Angle vs Kazarian was a bad idea, People giving up on

watching Raw, The return of Tommy Dreamer, Is the

Danielson firing a work or shoot? The followup to the

NXT invasion, Great car accidents in wrestling, The curse

of sponsorship, Penis vs Career, Liddell's retirement

and Franklin's broken arm, Demirov has a big

announcement, the resurgence of the Sydney wrestling

scene, AWF vs PWA, The death of Nightmare wrestling,

Gambino weight loss update, Bass: great ring

announcer/sucky commentator and Fresh's new

merchandising contract.

On ExTenZe:
World cup notes.
Grant Thomas' hair.
Lack of diversity in Football review shows.
Spank bank choice of the week.
NBA finals talk
La Parka punches a fan

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Episode 21: The New Civil War

The battle lines have been drawn and it’s up to Demirov,

Walker, Tye and Jonesy to separate fact from fiction.


This week:

Rohan goes into hiding, Why Jonesy is the most hated

man in wrestling, Raw whackyness, The NXT beatdown

of Cena and why Michael Tarver still sucks, The terrible

Extreme Rules buyrate, Walkers obscure mid 90’s WWE

facts, is WWE panicking? Is UFC unbeatable on Pay Per

View? The return of the Super Mario sound effects,

Jeff Hardy nightclubbing in Hawthorn and Kane’s

daytime soap level of acting.


In local wrestling:

Over 20 minutes on the brewing civil war in Melbourne

wrestling, the attacks, who are the players and what

side is team DCW taking?


On ExTeNze:

How large is Jonesy’s head?

World Cup preview and whether Australia has

any hope at all.

Bashed vagina syndrome.

Tiger Woods returns.

Hawthorn making a mid season comeback.



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Fresh is still missing so it’s up to Walker, Demirov

and Jonesy to sail the good ship DCW through bad

nautical metaphors and the week that was in wrestling.


This week:

Is Fresh running away from someone? Orton still on TV,

why injuries and departures are forcing WWE to try to

create new stars, Does Daniel Bryan have a future in

WWE? Is WWE talent scouting narrow minded? The

Uso twins promo, Man colds, Tye’s yellow thong, Why

Maryse needs to be dominated, The return of Vince

McMahon’s hairpiece, The winner of NXT and the

absurdity of the upcoming season, Rampage vs

Rashad,upcoming UFC main events as well as

similarities between Stephan Bonnar and Stephan Cool.



In local wrestling:

The drawing power of HSW’s Mildura Mayhem, The

tall poppy syndrome, complete coverage of this week’s

ACW show including who impressed on the show?

Tommy Hellfire and Matt Silva as main event players,

Walker’s issue with Jack’o’Lantern’s gimmick, Kellie

Skater’s abs, The ACW merch table as well as 30

minutes of interviews at the end of the show with

‘Pitbull’ Craig Cole, The Italian Tank, Tommy Hellfire

and Bass eats a hotdog.


On ExTenZe:

Akermanis not a fan of the gays

The return of the collywobbles

Buddy Franklin’s demerit points

People defecting from rugby to AFL and why Fresh

should defect

Picks for the NBA finals



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