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Episode 18: HSW vs Alpha

After last week’s epic interview with Lobo;

Fresh, Walker, Demirov, Tye and Jonesy return

to discuss all things local and international.


This week:

Demirov and Walker take sides in the HSW vs

Alpha debate, The crew gets remarkably self

involved, Who is Fresh going to sue? Duelling

chants at TNA Sacrifice, Is Kaz retarded? An

innovative idea for TNA, A great instalment of

Raw, Bret Hart’s Achilles Heel, Maryse’s hair, UFC

slaughters Wrestlemania 26 on PPV, Is WWE on a

down turn? George Fishandchipalopolis, Should

Paul Daley have been fired and why Matt Mitrione

and Kimbo Slice both suck.


In local wrestling:

 Fresh impersonates other Australian wrestling

commentators, Jonesy reviews PCWe Mayhem,

Fresh tries his hardest to make everyone go deaf,

a potential ACW drug scandal, the location of the

first DCW outside broadcast/recording and the

crew reviews the first instalment of the Alpha

video podcast.


On ExTenZe:

Tye finally gets a new phone

Tony Abbott loses his mind

Rudd’s first term curse

AFL drug woes

LeBron leaving the Cavs

Did Magic Johnson fake HIV/AIDS?

Are football grounds too hard?



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