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Episode 17: Knowing When To Walk Away

A very special edition of the variety hour sees Fresh,

Walker and Demirov sitting down with PWA founder

and Australian wrestling icon Henry “Lobo” Jones to

discuss his career and the story of PWA.


Also discussed: Working for ACW, his role in PCW,

breaking Spike Steele’s nose, the infamous barb wire

match with Mad Dog and the media controversy

surrounding it, the proper way to run an independent

wrestling company, the importance of leading by

example and creating the right environment for talent,

why building a company slowly makes good financial

sense, expanding PWA nationally, why Slex was his

chosen one in PWA, how to make titles important to

wrestlers, did he really pay people in doughnuts,

training people with handicaps and the importance of

ring generals in 2010.


This show is a must listen for fans and anyone looking

to get involved in the business side of the professional

wrestling business.

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