BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast
The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

With Fresh currently serving a suspension for a

violation of the DCW wellness policy, it is up to

Demirov, Walker, Jonesy and Rohan to discuss

the week in local and international wrestling.


This Week:

Did Carlito deliberately try to get himself fired?

Was Randy Orton injured due to his own stupidity?

How not to react to your opponent getting injured.

Why the WWE blood rule is stupid. The improvement

of Kofi Kingston. Why Swagger’s World Title run sucks.

WWE dropping the ball on Ted DiBiase. Thoughts on

Hart as the new Raw GM. Scott Hall’s arrest and

whether he is the new Keith Richards. Backstage

problems in TNA. Why Abyss is an idiot. The stupidity

of the TNA ranking system. More on Orlando Jordan

and the crew debates if there is any worth in Rob Terry.


In Aussie wrestling:

Jonesy talks the good and bad of the Circus Ox show.

More Alpha vs HSW. Is there enough room for two

over 18 only wrestling promotions? The return of ACW.

Rohan answers his online critics and we ponder

whether Aussie promotions are too sensitive.


On ExTenZe:

Did the AFL make the right decision on the Barry Hall


The St Kilda teen sex scandal.

Demirov rants on fans in Guernseys.

Does Lost make less or more sense than Impact?

Senator Conroy censors the internet.

Which Aussie wrestling company will be in 3D?


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Episode 18: HSW vs Alpha

After last week’s epic interview with Lobo;

Fresh, Walker, Demirov, Tye and Jonesy return

to discuss all things local and international.


This week:

Demirov and Walker take sides in the HSW vs

Alpha debate, The crew gets remarkably self

involved, Who is Fresh going to sue? Duelling

chants at TNA Sacrifice, Is Kaz retarded? An

innovative idea for TNA, A great instalment of

Raw, Bret Hart’s Achilles Heel, Maryse’s hair, UFC

slaughters Wrestlemania 26 on PPV, Is WWE on a

down turn? George Fishandchipalopolis, Should

Paul Daley have been fired and why Matt Mitrione

and Kimbo Slice both suck.


In local wrestling:

 Fresh impersonates other Australian wrestling

commentators, Jonesy reviews PCWe Mayhem,

Fresh tries his hardest to make everyone go deaf,

a potential ACW drug scandal, the location of the

first DCW outside broadcast/recording and the

crew reviews the first instalment of the Alpha

video podcast.


On ExTenZe:

Tye finally gets a new phone

Tony Abbott loses his mind

Rudd’s first term curse

AFL drug woes

LeBron leaving the Cavs

Did Magic Johnson fake HIV/AIDS?

Are football grounds too hard?



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Episode 17: Knowing When To Walk Away

A very special edition of the variety hour sees Fresh,

Walker and Demirov sitting down with PWA founder

and Australian wrestling icon Henry “Lobo” Jones to

discuss his career and the story of PWA.


Also discussed: Working for ACW, his role in PCW,

breaking Spike Steele’s nose, the infamous barb wire

match with Mad Dog and the media controversy

surrounding it, the proper way to run an independent

wrestling company, the importance of leading by

example and creating the right environment for talent,

why building a company slowly makes good financial

sense, expanding PWA nationally, why Slex was his

chosen one in PWA, how to make titles important to

wrestlers, did he really pay people in doughnuts,

training people with handicaps and the importance of

ring generals in 2010.


This show is a must listen for fans and anyone looking

to get involved in the business side of the professional

wrestling business.

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Episode 16: Paying in Doughnuts

This week main man Rohan Herbstreit

joins Fresh, Walker & Jonesy and comes out swinging

in response to last week’s show with Gino Gambino.

Also on this week:  Backstage notes from Episode 15,

Fresh calls out Paul on his Farmville habit, Crushing

the competition, the pros and cons of TNA moving back

to Thursday, Is Hogan helping or hurting TNA?

Thoughts on their long term chances, The Orlando

Jordan segment and gay characters in wrestling, how

50/50 booking is hurting both WWE and TNA, the

greatest build to a title match ever, How Mickie James

helped someone win a Mark Williamson award, what

the role of women in wrestling should be, Bubba the

Love Sponge was right, Tito punches Jenna, The return

of Brock Lesnar, what is the Bonnar Defence and which

local wrestling star is defecting to the AFL?

In an special extended local wrestling segment we

cover why International Assault was cancelled, Rohan

gives his take on the inner workings of Warzone as

well as a rant on the return of ACW, How the Melbourne

scene can be rebuilt, The philosophy of promoting

shows, what will be the first stop on the DCW Prove us

wrong tour? The lack of quality new talent, who are the

best workers and promotions in Melbourne, Why Mad

Dog should be booked on every show, Mikey Jay

punching people from Neighbours, who sucks as a

commentator? Fresh cuts a vitriolic promo on Laser,

the demise of PWA in Melbourne, why wrestlers need to

go overseas and Rohan talks about the one thing that

will get him to promote shows again.

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