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Episode 15: The World According to Gambino

The Variety Hour guide to the gentle art of making

This week Gorgeous Gino Gambino makes his
triumphant return to the Variety hour, joining Fresh,
Walker, Demirov and Jonesy to discuss HSW going into
MMA, The Mr Juicy Retirement Tour, Why Extreme Rules
was dull, Bad body odour in wrestling, Numerous
theories about why Mickie James was released, Paul
gets outed on his internet message board behaviour,
Gambinogives his opinions on the top 4 Australian
female wrestlers, What weird stuff was Don Lane into?
What did a local wrestler show Fresh that almost made
him puke? Why Kellie Skater is the most improved
performer in Australia, Raw is rusty trombone
references, Carlo Cannon taking his shirt off, Why
Batista's acting career will fail, TNA up to their old tricks
again, Captain Planet, The correct use of blood in
wrestling, Gambino makes numerous comments about
Rohan Herbstreit, RVD's undercut, This week’s
instalment of Hall Watch and how to improve
backstage segments.

In Australian wrestling news:
Is DCW killing the local scene and Gambino makes
suggestions on how it can be fixed, Why local ring
crews suck and how Jonesy is responsible, Never trust
wrestlers with free food, why bookers are control freaks,
getting dicked on pay, why Carlo and Slex are the
smartest guys in wrestling, A very intense and heated
debate on the philosophy of being a colour
commentator, The Carl Williams joke that almost got
Gambino killed, The declining quality of local ring rats,
some choice words for Dann Lennard, The Urine story
from Warzone, The debut of DCW Vintage Collection
where we relive an Australian wrestling controversy from
1991 and we hand out another Mark Williamson award.

On ExTenZe:
Pauline Hanson and Gambino on race relations
Why YouTube is ruining society
Are sportsmen underpaid
Bieber Fever hits Australia


Don't forget to join us next week for the return of

Rohan Herbstreit

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