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Episode 14: The Pen is Mightier Than The Pope

Fresh buys an iPad, Waltman refusing to job,
Fresh takes over Hall Watch, The last crappy few

weeks of the Knockouts division, Tara/Victoria sure

did get around, Using torrents, Desmond Wolfe's

charisma bypass and what does he have to do with

the Fremantle Dockers, Demirov gives a lesson on

Refereeing logic and the inner workings of WWA,

The day Mark Mercedes had a cry, Showering with

Scott Steiner, Impact improves while Raw sucks,

Making title changes matter, The movie Cruel

Intentions, Swagger getting buried, Jim Cornette

threatens Vince Russo, the merits and virtues of

Costco, Demirov finally gets revenge on Jonesy, The

Diaz brothers kick people in Strikeforce, Why we need

2 companies in MMA, Dungeon of Doom trivia, Vixsin

gets sultry, an unusually discussion about Michael

Jordan and Tiger Woods' genitals, we announce
the DCW Prove Us Wrong Tour, International Assault
gets cancelled and we debate what is considered a
good crowd for a local show.

On ExTenZe:

Why are people surprised about Carl Williams dying?
Whatever happened to Kate Fisher?
Kelly Clarkson has been hitting the doughnuts and
we discuss gender politics in weight gain.

The return of the Chris Fresh Spank Bank choice of

the week.
Who has declared Australian wrestling a sinking ship?

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