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Episode 13: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Now with working audio~!

This week we start off with a nice dose of

Michael Tye bashing followed by some bashing

of Jonesy for good measure. Fresh, Walker,

Tye and Jonesy also cover the interview that

wasn't, Smackdown moves networks and NXT

gets cancelled as a result, Race relations DCW

style, The cards for Lockdown and Extreme Rules

and the crew debate which shows look better on

paper,  The debut of Walkers new TNA segment

Hall Watch, Details on Nash's facial hair, Who

would be a better protégé for Flair than Styles?

Why Abyss sucks, Bischoff gets one over on WWE,

Hepatitis C, All the chaos that was UFC 112, Fresh

comes up with another idea to revolutionise

Aussie wrestling, The most awkward UFC

moment ever, Dana Press conference whackiness,

Australian wrestlers making noise overseas,

Madison Eagles' title win and Paul does his best

to stand up for Women’s wrestling, Astronaut

Jones, The recent Australian wrestling article in

the Age and why Krakerjak is a great spokesman

for the business.


On ExTenZe

Malthouse calling out rapists

The finer points of sledging

Richmond are doomed

Conan O’brien moves TV networks

The Underbelly of local wrestling

Sue Chuter discusses tape trading

O Town's circumcision


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