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Episode 11: Take 2

This week, while Fresh recovers from his trip to see

Lady Gaga; Demirov, Walker, Tye and Jonesy discuss

all things Wrestlemania including:

What caused Walker to cry like a girl, the continued

improvement of The Miz, The miraculously hairless

arms of Demirov, Dancing Randy Orton, Jack

Swagger's World Heavyweight title win on Smackdown,

Should Money in the Bank continue and thoughts on

the winner of NXT getting a title shot, HHH burying

Sheamus, Kofi Kingston:Dressage Pony, Wrestlemania

entrance fails, Serena's jeans, Did Hart vs McMahon

go too long? Wildly inappropriate comments about

Eddie Guerrero's corpse, HBK's final match and

retirement, TNA fails yet again, the rise of the Pope,

Is Daffney any good? The wrestling wedding of the

year, Which Australian wrestling star will win MITB next

year, The new era of Wrestlerock and changes to this

week’s main event and what makes Paul shriek like a


On ExtenZe:
Why Peter Hellier has no business hosting anything,

Sandra Bullock's husband banging tattooed Nazi's and

the quality of Gary Ablett's new woman.

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Episode 10: Freshamania

We are the voice of Australian Wrestling~!


This week Demirov, Walker, Fresh, Jonesy and Tye

discuss all the fallout from last weeks interview with

Gambino and who is mad at Fresh for his various

rants, 2 Mark Williamson award winners, a detailed

break down of the Wrestlemania 26 card with

predictions from the crew, who would bang Vickie

Guerrero? quality wrestling shirts, Paul Buentello

getting his ass kicked, thoughts on UFC 111,

Destination X causes Jonsey to go on a cold and flu

tablet addled rant, Kevin Nash's ever changing beard

Mike Sanders references, twinkies and a review of the

Matt & Jo smackdown and whether it will help local



On ExtenZe: Universal health care, why Tony Abbott

could be death for this country and Fresh proves that

there is no God.

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Episode 9: Burning Bridges

The show where all hell breaks loose

This week Demirov, Jones, Fresh and Walker are

joined by the one and only Gorgeous Gino Gambino
to discuss working for Nightmare wrestling, Egos in

the industry, becoming a comedy act, the worst match

of his career, why you should never let your girlfriend

into the business, ending peoples careers, a long rant

about HSW and the people involved, who are the

impact players on the Australian scene, is Wayne

Mattei the saviour of Australian wrestling, which states

run the shonkiest shows and who are the most

trustworthy people in the business. Gambino pulls no

punches and those of you with a sensitive disposition

may want to cover their ears at certain points.

We also cover the politics of Wrestlemania parties,

the new Monday night war, will anything become of

Sheamus, fat people breaking chairs, the overuse of

run ins and post match beatdowns, angles without

logic, the enigma that is Jonesy, the upcoming

Fox FM/ PCWe show and whether it will help improve

the local scene.

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Episode 8: Monday Night Slapfight

We have returned after a one week absence to

cover the new Monday night wars. Walker, Demirov,

Tye and Jones discuss what worked, what didn't and

what can be improved upon, what the ratings mean

for the future, The Vince Russo factor and Walker

poses the question as to whether TNA is unfairly

criticised, the glut of suits in wrestling, is Taker/HBK

the biggest match of all time and how will the no DQ

stipulation affect the match, Is Batista the best heel

in wrestling right now? Is HHH on a career downturn?

Is The Ultimate Warrior going into the HOF and has

the quality of inductees gone down in recent years?

WWE releases and wild accusations about Maria, what

did Nidia and Demirov do? was the recent press tour

by The Miz a success? Is NXT a good way of introducing

new talent? Wrestlicious, Frank Mir gets in trouble,

James Toney vs Jack Tunney, Trikki D vs Matt Tiley:

will it be good publicity for local wrestling and the HSW



In a very special ExtenZe we have in depth analysis

of the Laura Bingle scandal. What is really going on,

who is working who, does Laura mean anything to

the average person and we announce this weeks

recipient of the Mark Williamson award for outstanding

 achievement in the field of excellence.

Stay tuned next week when we are joined by local

wrestling notable, Gorgeous Gino Gambino.

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Bonus Show: Rohan interviews The Miz

The DCW Variety Hour will be returning to its

regularly programmed schedule soon. In the

meantime we bring you this bonus show where

Rohan Herbstreit sits down with WWE unified tag

and US Champion, The Miz to discuss getting

Pranked by John Morrison, Tweet wars, The Dirt

Sheet, the relevance of tag teams in WWE, who

impresses him on NXT, Daniel Bryan's ring gear,

His predictions for Wrestlemania 26 and where her

fits in, The evolution of his various catch phrases, his

dream match, who influences him as well as getting

a lap dance from Big Dick Johnson.

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