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Episode 5: Lap Dances and Clogged Toilets

This week we discuss Shawn Michaels Fragile

Mental state, possible stipulations for Taker/HBK,

Why HHH/Orton at Wrestlemania last year was such

a failure, Is Vince McMahon over acting? People

pointing at the Wrestlemania sign, Who does Fresh

want to punch in the nose? This years Hall of Fame

nominees, Walker & Demirov give their live perspective

on last years WM and HOF as well as a survival guide

for people going this year, tales of debauchery from

Las Vegas somehow involving Disco Inferno and

getting ripped of at Madison Square Garden.


We are then joined by head honcho

Rohan Herbstreit, to talk about his new found buffness,

who's lurking on the WNA boards, why international

tours fail, can you make money promoting locally,

International assault and Wrestlclash, is UFC a threat

to WWE, friendships in wrestling, who should and

shouldn't be involved in the Aussie wrestling scene,

the reason he quit Wrestlerock and who replaced him,

people promoting themselves ahead of their product

and who should go out of business.

of business

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