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Episode 7: UFC 110 Hijinx

Now with added Super Mario~!


This week: Thoughts on Elimination Chamber,

Undertaker goes up in flames, Refs acting like

they are champion, Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson,

The build to Wrestlemania, UFC vs WWE, Ric Flair's

continuing marriage woes, A live perspective on

UFC 110, camera hungry local doctors, How much

money would it take for you to fight Cro Cop?

The greatness of Bruce Buffer, Joe Rogan & Why

the Enmore Theatre sucks plus a straight to the point

review of this week in local wrestling.


On ExtenZe: The first recipient of the Mark Williamson

award for outstanding achievement in the field of

excellence, Torah Bright vs Stephanie Rice, The SLAM

rally, "He who shall not be named", Tales of

debauchery from team DCW's trip to Sydney including

Rohan Herbstreit's birthday party, Gay shopping in

Surrey Hills, Tye's cheap phone & what incident caused

him to fly into a panic, who picked up and the legend

of the baby seat.

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Episode 6: My Mother, My Lover

This week: All the fallout from last week's interview

with Rohan Herbsreit and who in Aussie wrestling

is unhappy with it, Where is the Brett Hart injury

angle going? The Jerry Springer Segment and some

memories of favorite Spring episodes, Reprehensible

comments about Olivia Newton John, How dull was

the TNA PPV and why TNA Impact is turing into

Mid 90's WCW, Paul and Fresh debate the merits

of women's wrestling, Predictions for The Elimination

Chamber. Will WWE NXT amount to anything? Fresh

comes up with a concept that will revolutionise

Australian wrestling, The crew reviews Alpha Pro's

"Best of 2009", Which wrestler most resembles

Triple R's Leaping Larry L and an in depth break down

of UFC 110.


On ExTenZe: Larger women with pretty faces vs

ugly women with great bodies, Doppelganger week on

Facebook; who was the most delustional and who got

it right? Andrew Lovett's woes, Werewolves and

Wereunicorns, Why does Ruby Rose exist, A double

dose of Fresh's Spank Bank choice of the week and

Paul brings the show to a screeching halt on several


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Episode 5: Lap Dances and Clogged Toilets

This week we discuss Shawn Michaels Fragile

Mental state, possible stipulations for Taker/HBK,

Why HHH/Orton at Wrestlemania last year was such

a failure, Is Vince McMahon over acting? People

pointing at the Wrestlemania sign, Who does Fresh

want to punch in the nose? This years Hall of Fame

nominees, Walker & Demirov give their live perspective

on last years WM and HOF as well as a survival guide

for people going this year, tales of debauchery from

Las Vegas somehow involving Disco Inferno and

getting ripped of at Madison Square Garden.


We are then joined by head honcho

Rohan Herbstreit, to talk about his new found buffness,

who's lurking on the WNA boards, why international

tours fail, can you make money promoting locally,

International assault and Wrestlclash, is UFC a threat

to WWE, friendships in wrestling, who should and

shouldn't be involved in the Aussie wrestling scene,

the reason he quit Wrestlerock and who replaced him,

people promoting themselves ahead of their product

and who should go out of business.

of business

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Episode 4: Would You Bang Bonnie Lythgoe?

The show deemed "Too inside" has returned for

another week. The team is joined in studio by

"Correspondent to the stars" Michael Tye to discuss

all the fallout fromthe Royal Rumble as well as what

did and didn't work, we look further into the Sheamus
experiment, Fresh books the road to Wrestlemania;

we look at Brett Hart's performance on this week’s Raw,

Demirov poses the question "Was the attitude era a

fluke?” The announced demise of ECW and what

should be in its place, UFC 109 and we discuss if
Randy Couture is still a draw, the announcement of

next week’s mystery guest and which upcoming indy

show final pushes the team over the edge.

On ExtenZe: The Rockefeller murder and the dark

side of the swinging lifestyle, which members of the

DCW team went to school with a possible murderer,

German Cannibals, Football drug scandals and we

finish up with analysis of The Biggest Loser &

So You Think You Can Dance.

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