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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

A full panel of Fresh, Demirov, Walker, Gambino, Jonesy & Tye are drunk on orange crush and are here to bring the holiday cheer.


This week:

Big news of the WAO Supershow, The Carlo Cannon intervention, Gambino's fued with Cloggers, the status of The Fresh Factor, thoughts on The Miz as champion, Chelsea Handler, A special appearance by Lanny Poffo that has to be heard to be believed, Jim Demirov's annual Christmas message, a round table discussion on Ms Jenkins, we review the big DCW stories of the year, Mark Williamson calls in to discuss his issues with Jason Helton and Maniac, we name the DCW Australian wrestling rookie of the year, gay porn, Gambino has a minor break down about his ex girlfriend, Bass gets ambushed and interrogated via Skype, a brief history of DCW, the upcoming Sebastian Walker retrospective and the mystery of Miss Niki Nitro.

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DCW goes old school as the original lineup of Fresh, Walker, Demirov and Rohan Herbstreit cover the last two weeks in pro wrestling.

This Week:

Notes and comments regarding our interview with Jason Helton, news of the DCW Christmas show, Firestarter starts a band, Rocky Menero's extended family, Bradman getting stabbed, Jag's accent, Walker & Demirov are not happy about the raffle draw being edited off of Wrestleclash 2, in a DCW first the show gets paused due to comments by Demirov, what WWE should keep from this week's old school Raw, the team gets mad about the WWE top 50 stars of all time list, does dropping Rohan's name at wrestling shows work, the Wrestlerock DVD signing, who is the richest guy in Aussie wrestling, Rohan gets grilled on numerous subjects including his predictions for 2011, is Warzone done? his issues with Warzone management, the infamous "Template", people not understanding their role on the card and issues with Go Figure collectibles. We also get stories of the Soprano's tour, NAW retirements, porn viewing habits, speculation on the future of Alpha and a big announcement about the WAO supershow.

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Yet another early edition of the show sees Fresh, Gambino and Jonesy discussing all the fallout from last weeks show including some corrections, notes from this week's Warzone show including the best new ring announcer ever and Fresh goes on an epic and vitriolic rant about the holier than thou attitude of some of his critics.


We are then joined by the Canadian Hellraiser Jason Helton to talk about training in the Hart Dungeon, Wrestling Tazz in ECW, what lead him to move to Australia, his side of the story on getting banned from, people in the wrestling industry threatening his family, The Big Huss situation, Medical issues, choking people out, the Australian Supershow, a quick game of name association and he explains whether he is finished with wrestling.

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Another early edition of the DCW Variety Hour sees Fresh, Gambino, Mikey Jay and Jonesy continue their ongoing series of scandal and vicious rumors.


This Week:

Australian idiots in the front row at Impact, more notes on the Armageddon Expo, Jonesy nurses a broken heart, Foreskins and free passes, reflections on Shane Hero's stalkers, Sex dreams, Why no one likes Gambino, Mikey disrespecting photographers, The need for seperation between wrestlers and fans, the battle over the MCW name, Who is pissed off about the booking of Alpha talent on non Alpha shows? Fresh cuts a promo on Reena/Trina Christina, Kebabs vs Souvlakis, the first ever "Who's hotter" poll on the DCW page, WCW/WWF titles being used by Aussie feds, Gambino's shoot interview is mostly lies, Why were people so upset by Jacko Lantern bleeding at BPW? A discussion about Glee turns into a lengthy discourse on religion, the paranormal, Lanny Poffo and the Human Centipede, Fresh and Gambino share stories about the times people kicked the crap outta them and Fresh predicts doom for nearly every Melbourne wrestling company.

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DCW goes Cinéma vérité as Gambino and Jonesy invade the Armageddon Expo and proceed to stick a microphone in the face of everyone they come in contact with.


This week:

Mike Burr returns to discuss Raven & Huss no showing, Kellie Skater talks wrestling men and stealing the Shimmer dance off championship, Rohan gets dissed by both the WWE DVD and Go Figure collectible booths, Jonesy gets shot down by Paige, Gambino tries and fails to chat up numerous women, we raise awareness for breast cancer research, Shane Hero talks eBay postage and being stalked, KrackerJak gives his thoughts on the Huss saga, not being booked on Armageddon, Alien vs Predator as a discourse on genital politics, Gambino gropes Baroness from G.I Joe, Damian Slater's plan to improve his drop kicks, we track down both of Shane Hero's stalkers and ask the simple question "Why?", Melbourne's strongest poet , Joey Kurtshenko educates Gambino about poetry groupies, Gambino takes a bump, Madison Eagles speaks in detail about the proper etiquette when trying to get booked on shows and what Johnny Fairplay did to get her so mad, Ryan Eagles talks about how the Armageddon/PWA deal came about and the booking decisions surrounding it, his thoughts on whether Huss can come back from his meltdown and he responds to Criss Fresh's statement that he got away with criticising the Melbourne scene, Jag discusses his contract status in Japan and how it would affect the Adelaide scene as well as the proper way to urinate. We also get a special appearance by Ms Jenkins where she reveals which member of DCW she would sleep with.

Gambino also attends ACW and finds out why Reena Christina believes the nickname Regina Vagina ruined her life, Bass gives his though on the lack of respect going around lately, Rocky Menero goes to the bingo, Luke Colgan has hamburgers, DDG reflects on the Alpha promo from hell and her current training status and Reena Christina returns to talk about her pants

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Mike Burr joins Fresh, Gambino, Jonesy and Mikey Jay for another marathon length show covering the week that was.


This week:

Gambino calls Mikey out on his choice in T-shirts, minimal discussion on TNA Bound For Glory, Fresh talks cosplay, all the news and rumors around the Big Huss situation, did Ryan Eagles get away with burrying the Melbourne wrestling scene? TWE owes Mike Burr a suit, How Gambino got banned from RCW, Why Burr got kicked out of Alpha, More Regina Vagina, Speculation about Wrestleclash 3, getting defriened on Facebook over booking decisions, Joel Bateman shoplifting at Target, NWF rumors, 69er looking up women's skirts, Gambino's respose to being called a fat f&%k on Wrestling Observer Radio, a few games of F&%k Marry Kill, Stories from the Wrestlerock Australia day after party, more on Gambino's love life, Burr's e-mails to Huss, more on the booking of Mike Petersen, the Herbstreit template and Fresh psychoanalyses Gambino's childhood.

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Fresh, Tye, Jonesy, Mikey Jay and Gambino go for almost 2 hours of scandalous rumors and hearsay about almost everyone that has been near a wrestling ring in this country.


This week:

Gambino gets excited about Hungry Jacks, Hell in the Cell stupidity, Raw gives Fresh a nose bleed, why wrestling is not considered cool anymore, rants about people who purchase replica belts, was Justin Gabriel in The Shine? Flair and Foley punching themselves in the face and even more wrestling groupie stories.


On ExtEnZe:

Fallout from the AFL Grand Final

The team set back gender politics by about 20 years

People who want to sleep with members of DCW


In Australian Wrestling:

69er returns to the ring, people leaving for Japan, various people are mad at team DCW, using t-shirts as a spank rag, proper tanning etiquette for funerals, the AWA title resurfacing in WA, Fresh takes issue with Danny Psycho as ACW champion, Is Mike Petersen being used correctly? why Krackerjak should be the cornerstone of every promotion in the country, what changes are coming for ACW, the merits of booking interstate talent, ignoring personal issues when booking, Why Matt Silva has no personality, The issues around Warzone and PCW being booked for the same night, Gambino wants to text nude photos of himself to Reena Christina, a rather disturbing discussion about Glee, we attempt to get Channel 10 rumors out of Mikey, we call Bass to try and confirm the existence of the Jo Beth Taylor sex tape and Jonesy tries to explain why people on the F4W/Wrestling Observer message board don't like him.



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Walker & Fresh have returned and they are pissed off


This Week:

Fresh buries Gambino's performance over the last few weeks, why Jonesy is the new Rohan Herbstreit of the Melbourne wrestling scene, Tye gets called out for liking Raw Roulette, why the talking GM laptop was a dumb idea, The story of Tye getting called a faggot by Paul Heyman & how he almost facilitated a criminal act, Would the Rock have ever succeeded in MMA, UFC news and thoughts, pregnancy tests, is Frank Mir attractive, Demi Moore gets disqualified from being the Spank Bank Choice of the Week and more talk about pubic hair than you can shake a stick at.


In Aussie Wrestling:

Shane Hero scams people on eBay, people getting customer wrestling figures made, why no one wants to by local wrestlers shirts, people who should not be main eventing shows, Demirov predicts death for Warzone, behind the scenes of the booking of Wrestlerock 13, big update on the WAO supershow including a big match announcement as well as Fresh calling out people who are not attending, How Slex leaving the country will affect the business and everyone does bad Dusty Rhodes impressions.


On ExteNze:

The Commonwealth Games are doomed

The AFL Grand Final draw

Ablett gone from Geelong

Was the mix up at the Australia's Next Top Model final a work?

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Gambino, Demirov, Tye and Jonesy are back for another week bringing their special brand of whackiness and general stupidity to all things wrestling.


This week:

Gambino rants on idiots at the drive thru, Thoughts on Night of Champions, Is Randy Orton any good? Ratings are down, the team blatantly asks for free tickets to Fozzy, The story of Criss Fresh sandbagging John Horwarth, why Michelle McCool is the Paris Hilton of the WWE, Matt Hardy loses his tiny little mind and a preview of Cro Cop vs Mir. The team also talks about which international wrestlers they have met were the biggest douchebags.


In Aussie Wrestling:

Someone got deported, news and notes from Warzone 6 including the tale of the missing shoe, thoughts on Benny English, Gambino meets Ms Jenkins and gives a detailed critique on Reena Christina's performance, Who is Gargamel Mc Smurfpants? attractive valets from Perth, should Enforcer retire? Carlo Cannon's history of putting holes in walls, people need to stop taking unprotected chairshots to the head, lots of talk about the NWF and their plans to run weekly shows in Melbourne. We also reveal a deep, dark secret about Walker and Fresh.


On ExtenZe:

Losing money betting on the Brownlow medal

We rate the WAGs

Commonwealth games heading for disaster

A little bit on this weekend's grand final

George Demirov: Master detective

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This weeks show starts off with a special appearance by Criss Fresh to discuss his thoughts on the current state of Australian wrestling, his photo battle on the DCW Facebook page and to announce the debut of his own spin off show "The Fresh Factor"

We then return to regular programing with Jonesy, Demirov, Tye and Gambino discussing Walker going missing in Perth, what exactly is Portello? The story of Jonesy getting bogged in the parking lot at PCW, thoughts on Fresh's announcement, someone stole the DCW logo, Raw Roulette whackiness, why the WWE PPV numbers are down, thoughts and predictions for Night of Champions, Kane's bellybutton, Why NXT is the best car crash show ever and Jonesy attempts to recap this week's Shimmer tapings.

In Aussie wrestling

Gillberg attempts to get booked on the end of year supershow, which causes the Melbourne wrestling civil war to break out again, why doing flips makes you a good wrestler (Apparently), News and notes from last weeks PCW show including why Alberto Bravado is a fine man, Chris Trance/Shane Hero party popper awesomeness, The battle of men in interesting pants, the guy who sat behind Jonesy that embodied the true DCW spirit, Vixsin beating up on young girls, Demirov has WWA flashbacks and Jungle Cat shows everyone how to get yourself booked.


On ExTenZe

We complain about petrol prices

Oprah sucks money out of Australian Taxpayers

Tony Abbott: Forever Optimistic

More AFL Finals chatter

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