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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 9

EPISODE 9 - Continue Not To Mess With The Rohan
Recorded: 16 June 2013 & 27 June 2013.

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back, along with BJ and PJ, as we continue our two part interview with Rohan Herbstreit. This is an eye opening discussion, which covers a stack of local and international wrestling topics and stories, including:

- Who is the best wrestler in the country?

- What happened with the Hulkamania tour, and why didnt it air on One HD?

- The failed resurgence of Aussie wrestling on Channel 9, known as High Risk Championship Wrestling

- Mario Milano falling asleep doing commentary

- Deciding to run WrestleClash

- The origins of 'The Herby Template'

- Booking shows and sending people home happy

- The rapid rise of UFC in Australia, and how much further do they need to go?

- How soon will it be before cage fighting is permitted in Victoria?

- Will the WWE ever die?

- Being featured on Urban Dictionary

- Plus plenty of Word Association!

We also stick our greasy little mitts into all the regular segments, including Raymond, What Sucks In Wrestling, and Gam.O

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