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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 8

EPISODE 8 - Dont Mess With The Rohan
Recorded: 16 June 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back, along with BJ and PJ, as we feature part one of a lengthy two part interview with Rohan Herbstreit. This is an eye opening discussion, which covers a stack of local and international wrestling topics and stories, including:

- How the 'WWFDownunder' website started, and how it introduced him to Australian wrestling

- The Australian wrestling guide to crowd numbers

- The inception and execution of All Star Wrestling

- Why doesn't Aussie wrestling draw as well as it used to?

- What would it take to get Aussie wrestling on TV?

- Awkwardly meeting Bret Hart for the first time

- Belinda Emmett's death being leaked first via Wrestling.Net.Au

- How Matt Silva's journey in WWE might affect other aspiring Aussies heading abroad

- The fallout from the 2002 PCW Carnage deathmatch and how it could have been a benefit for them

- How close is Australian wrestling from being regulated?

- Good & bad media publicity

- Running WWE Oz Shop and working for Paul Dainty

- Has WWE dropped the ball with the Australian market?

- The bidding war over which state would get WWE Global Warning

- Working for World Wrestling Allstars (among other international tours of Australia)

- Buff Bagwell not wanting to work without his hat

- Trying to convince a closed kitchen to cook a steak for Scott Steiner

- Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch being left on the side of the Geelong Freeway

- Are Australian Wrestling Supershows still a viable entity?

Elsewhere, the panel also cover other such topics as:

- WWE Payback betting odds

- Why doesnt WWE showcase womens wrestling more?

- WWE are now subtitling their DVD releases

- Gambino is keen to Snapchat his balls to a Hall of Famers daughter

- Joel Madden being busted for drugs

- Jonesy did some rude things in his spare time

Plus we get into all the regular segments, including Raymond, What Sucks In Wrestling, and Gam.O

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