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The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 6

EPISODE 6 - Here Comes The Laslow
Airdate: 21 May 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey are back, along with a (pre-recorded) guest cameo panel comprising of Elliot Sexton, Robbie Eagles & Damian Slater, ready to unleash another fun filled episode of mischief and mayhem, including:

- Jonesy getting laid

- A distraction-filled Extreme Rules recap

- Triple H already burying Curt Axel

- The post-Mania roster clear out

- A follow up panel discussion on merchandise in Aussie Wrestling

- "Melbourne City Westling"

- Favourite wrestling shirts

- Jay reviews the Hardcore Holly autobiography

- Shane Hero's injury & retirement

- Political correctness (or incorrectness) in wrestling

- Is professional wrestling behind the times culturally?

- YouPorn's five video limit is stupid

Plus all the regular segments, including Raymond, "What Sucks In Wrestling" and the debut of Adam's new YouTube related segment, titled "Gam.O"

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