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EPISODE 23 - Budget Cuts
Recorded: 28 May 2014

In what seems to be a monthly series of episodes, Bass, Adam and Mikey (as well as Jonesy) are back, kicking the show off with...

- Budget 2014 discussion

- Is an early election the best thing for Australia?

After almost 17 minutes of political debate, they shift gears to professional wrestling, including...

- WWE Payback

- More Rusev man-love

- WWE losing money

- KENTA and Prince Devitt jump aboard

- The awesomeness that is Legends House

- The first ever Australian Wrestling Legends House Draft

- Bass's WWE bedding products

- The "Meet & Greet" with Emma contest

- Recaps of NHPW in Perth, and MCW Ballroom Brawl

The team also bring you 'Scenesters Abroad' and 'What Sucks in Wrestling' as well as some discussion about whether Jonesy has carved a path through the scene and if he's just keeping quiet about it.

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