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EPISODE 22 - Ahhh... COUSIN!!!
Recorded: 28 April 2014

After a long hiatus due to holidays, bookings and general laziness, Bass, Adam & Mikey are back with their sloppiest recording yet, where they discuss:

- Gambino's holiday in Fiji

- The Stingray making an appearance at Ribamania

- BAM making a (tiny) positive difference in the world

- The influx of new talent into WWE

- Shinsuke Nakamura appearing for Wrestle Rampage

- The team essentially boast about their booking schedules for the next month

- Whether or not Paul Jones runs the 'Creepy Shimmer Fan' Twitter account

The team also bring you 'Scene Abroad', 'What Sucks in Wrestling', Gam.0 and not much else. Enjoy!

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