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Episode 7: UFC 110 Hijinx

Now with added Super Mario~!


This week: Thoughts on Elimination Chamber,

Undertaker goes up in flames, Refs acting like

they are champion, Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson,

The build to Wrestlemania, UFC vs WWE, Ric Flair's

continuing marriage woes, A live perspective on

UFC 110, camera hungry local doctors, How much

money would it take for you to fight Cro Cop?

The greatness of Bruce Buffer, Joe Rogan & Why

the Enmore Theatre sucks plus a straight to the point

review of this week in local wrestling.


On ExtenZe: The first recipient of the Mark Williamson

award for outstanding achievement in the field of

excellence, Torah Bright vs Stephanie Rice, The SLAM

rally, "He who shall not be named", Tales of

debauchery from team DCW's trip to Sydney including

Rohan Herbstreit's birthday party, Gay shopping in

Surrey Hills, Tye's cheap phone & what incident caused

him to fly into a panic, who picked up and the legend

of the baby seat.

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