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Episode 6: My Mother, My Lover

This week: All the fallout from last week's interview

with Rohan Herbsreit and who in Aussie wrestling

is unhappy with it, Where is the Brett Hart injury

angle going? The Jerry Springer Segment and some

memories of favorite Spring episodes, Reprehensible

comments about Olivia Newton John, How dull was

the TNA PPV and why TNA Impact is turing into

Mid 90's WCW, Paul and Fresh debate the merits

of women's wrestling, Predictions for The Elimination

Chamber. Will WWE NXT amount to anything? Fresh

comes up with a concept that will revolutionise

Australian wrestling, The crew reviews Alpha Pro's

"Best of 2009", Which wrestler most resembles

Triple R's Leaping Larry L and an in depth break down

of UFC 110.


On ExTenZe: Larger women with pretty faces vs

ugly women with great bodies, Doppelganger week on

Facebook; who was the most delustional and who got

it right? Andrew Lovett's woes, Werewolves and

Wereunicorns, Why does Ruby Rose exist, A double

dose of Fresh's Spank Bank choice of the week and

Paul brings the show to a screeching halt on several


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